Minnie Mouse Party Foods and Activities -- The Details

Since the my post the other day became so long with sharing our decorations, I thought today I would share the details of what we served and what the kids played. Let's start with the cake since every birthday party needs a cake. Our cake was the strawberry cake we have made for most of Hazel's parties. The original recipe is found at Confections of a Foodie Bride. I have made changes over the past couple of years. At some point I will have to actually write down my changes and post about them. We made an eight-inch round cake and three small round cakes. I bought these pans at Joann Fabrics with a coupon for the ears.  We bought a container of chocolate frosting since black frosting is hard to come by and has so many chemicals for colors. 

Our cake looked like this. Then I wrote on it and added the candles and a tissue paper bow. I found the pink polka dot tissue paper at Target on clearance. I also burnt one of the candles a bit to make it look like half a candle since it was Hazel's five and a half birthday party.

 So our simple Minnie Mouse Cake. I loved how it came out. We served it with vanilla ice cream (we had regular ice cream and dairy free since Hazel is reduced dairy and one of her good friends is completely dairy free). 
Oh, Toodles Pizza

For our main meal we offered hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls (and a couple of ones plain for the gluten-free dieters) and we called them Hot Diggety Dog Hot Dogs! Sorry I didn't take a picture of them. We also had an Oh, Toodles Pizza. I made it with two store bought pizza doughs, one jar of pizza sauce and a package of shredded pizza cheese. I rolled out one package of dough for the main part of the head and then split the other package in two and did my best to shape them into ears (and get it to all fit on my cookie sheet). We also offered Minnie's Bow-tique Pasta Bows and Mickey's Meatballs. I had made the meatballs a few days ago and heated them up in sauce on the stove and then put them in the slow cooker with it set to warm to keep them warm for the party. I made them with ground oatmeal instead of bread crumbs again to accommodate the gluten-free diet. The hot dogs and pizza were the most popular dishes. Of course I was feeding five-year-olds and it was in the eighties outside.

 We also had a vegetable platter and dip and hummus. The vegetables were on a black plate and the dips were the ears of a Mickey head in black bowls. I forgot to take a picture of it though. Sorry! We called it Daisy's Garden Vegetables and Donald's Dips. Then we served some fresh fruit. I made some Minnie's Bow-tique Fruit Bows using raspberries and blueberries and toothpicks. I saw the idea on Pinterest with strawberries and blueberries, but I thought my raspberries would work better and looked better than the strawberries. I was told I was either OCD or crazy for doing this by one of the friend's fathers. I told him I liked to consider my self crazy. Of course he had missed the whole bow thing at first.

I also made a fruit bouquet. We called it Goofy's Grapes and Fruit Bow-quet. I used my Mickey Mouse cookie cutters for some of the fruit and a mini-butterfly cookie cutter for bows. I have saved all the plastic sticks and containers from past Edible Arrangements that my mother-in-law brought to Hazel's past birthday parties. It makes it much easier to make them.

Then for beverages we served Minnie's Pink Polka Dot Punch which was strawberry lemonade (I buy it at Trader Joe's) with ice cubes that had miniature marshmallows in them. We also had water bottles in the refrigerator for the adults or anyone who wanted one. I put labels on them with a picture of Minnie and they read, "Happy Half Birthday, Hazel!"

When the children arrived, we had the ear station set up in the driveway to welcome them. Then we had a Coloring Station (Minnie's Rainbow Station) with a giant Mickey Mouse coloring book and a box filled with Minnie Mouse crayons from the Dollar Tree, a Make a Bracelet Station with two types of bracelets (the cheap alphabet bracelets I got at some discount store were a huge hit), a Decorate a Bow station with felt bow clips (pink and purple) that I found on clearance awhile ago. We put glitter glue and gem stickers with the bows. We also had a Bubble Station (Mickey's Bubble Fun) with Mickey Mouse Bubbles for everyone at it. The kids really liked the Decorate a Bow and Bracelet stations in the beginning. Once everyone arrived and all the food was done, we all sat down to eat. After eating the kids got into the bubbles for a bit while the adults or rather I finished eating. Then I took the kids to front yard for the first game--Minnie's Bow Hunt. The person who found the most "hidden" bows won a prize. Hazel and one of her friends tied for the most bows so they both won prizes. For prizes I had stashed away many Minnie Mouse items bought for a a dollar or two and went out and got a few more boyish prizes in recent weeks. I put all the prizes in a big basket and let the kids choose. I found some felt sticker bows on clearance at Michaels last week and used them and some ribbon ones I made for the bows. I hid them in the grass and sometimes in the garden. 

After the Bow Hunt it was time for Pin the Bow on Minnie.  We used a sleep blindfold and with a little bit of help the kids all got within a few inches, so we gave everyone a prize. For many it was the first time playing blindfolded. After this game, it was time for the pinata. We made our own Minnie Pinata. I changed the bow and made a new one out of the polka dot tissue paper, but I did not take a picture. I also made our own pinata stick from an old broom handle.
The pinata got hit to the ground by the second or third hitter. It got holes pretty quickly, but since it was on the ground the goodies did not fall out. Finally one of the tall fathers picked it up and emptied it for the kids. I gave each one a goody bag to collect things in. At this point I thought it might be good to do a quieter activity, I thought it was the perfect time for the cake. After the cake Hazel really wanted to do the Hot Dog Freeze Dance game. In school they play Freeze Dance where the teacher plays music and when the music stops the kids have to freeze. Anyone who moves is out. I made a tape of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Minnie's Bowtique songs we have on CD and played them. The kids danced and played around Hazel's swingset in the shade. Only one got out and then they finally got tired. Then we went to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse BINGO. I bought this game for dollar, well actually I bought two since it came with only four cards. Some of the kids had not played BINGO before and this version was a bit confusing. The spinner had colored shapes, but on the cards the shapes also had Disney characters in them, so some kids had a hard time figuring out the color and shape, but we played three games and gave away all the prizes. After this, the party was over. One friend stayed longer and played with Hazel. She also wanted to see Hazel open gifts, so we did. While Hazel played with her friend, I talked to her mother and Steve started cleaning up.

Overall it was a fun and successful party. Hazel loved being able to have it outside and she loved the Minnie Mouse theme. 

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