DIY Pin The Bow On Minnie Mouse Game

We have been working on final things for the Minnie Mouse party. It is this weekend! Today among other things, I made the Pin a Bow on Minnie Mouse game. Hazel really wants to play this one! To make it, I used a piece of black poster board, a white piece of paper and some polka-dot cardstock (I found it at Target). I used a large bowl and a small/medium bowl to make the head and a yellow-green colored pencil to show up on the black poster board. On the back of the poster board I traced the large circle bowl. Then I put the small bowl roughly where I wanted an ear and I had it overlap the large circle just a bit and traced it. Then I put it on the other side for the other ear. Once I got it how I liked it, I cut it out.

Then I played with the size of the bows I found at The Lovebugs Blog: Lovebug's Bow-tique Birthday Party. I made it so there was two on a page. I printed one page on white and added "Bow goes here" on one of them and cut it out and glued it on to the head with a glue stick. Then I put the children's names on bows and printed them out. I used pink polka-dot for the girls and red polka-dot for the boys.

Now I just have to cut out the bows for the children and put either tape or use Hazel's sticker tool so they will stick. Hazel is very excited for the game! You can get a copy of my white bow here.

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