Minnie Mouse Party Food

 So the party is this weekend and we finally figured out what to serve. Our menu includes:
  • Minnie's Bow-tique Pasta
  • Mickey's Meatballs
  • Hot Diggety Dog Hot Dogs
  • Oh, Toodles! Pizza
  • Daisy's Garden Vegetables and Donald's Dips
  • Goofy's Grapes and Fruit Bow-quet
  • Minnie's Bow-tique Fruit Bows
  • Minnie's Pink Polka-Dot Punch
  • And of course a Minnie Cake!
I shared two types of printable food labels when I shared our DIY Easy Minnie Cake Plates. Now some of these food ideas came from what I found on-line and pinned to my Minnie Mouse Party Pinterest Board. Some Hazel and I came up with. Now I do not have many pictures but will explain what each is and of course there will be after the party pictures later.

Minnie's Bow-tique Pasta is quite simply bow tie pasta with sauce. And yes, I use a jarred sauce since I am trying to simplify my prep time. I got the idea from Spoonful. Hazel had the idea of making Mickey shaped meatballs. I made them tonight using my usual meatball recipe with a twist of using ground oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs. I know one of the children coming is gluten free. Shaping them was easy, however getting them out of the pan in one piece was not as easy. Several lost one or both ears. Oh, well, we tried.
Before the party I will heat them in some sauce and then put them in my slow cooker on warm. 

Hot Diggety Dog Hot Dogs came from several places online like Itsy Bitsy Foodies: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party and CatchMyParty. And of course, Mickey Mouse always says Hot Diggety Dog! and they do the Hot Dog Dance at the end of every Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. I bought a pack of our favorite hot dogs (Nature's Promise Uncured Beef Hot Dogs) and a can of crescent rolls. I am going to wrap each dog in a crescent roll and bake them. 

The idea of Oh, Toodles! Pizza came from Crafting When I Can: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - 2nd Birthday Party. We are going to have one big Oh, Toodles! Pizza. I bought pre-made pizza dough, sauce and cheese. I bought two packs of dough so I can roll one out to be the head and the other split and roll to be the ears. I will definitely get a picture of it. 

Daisy's Garden Vegetables came from several places as well. One is Spoonful or Disney Junior.  I figured it would make sense to have Donald Duck with Daisy, so I added Donald's Dips. I bought a store made dip and a hummus. I also bought a two-pack of black trays and black salsa dishes at the Dollar Tree so I can put the vegetables on the tray and use the salsa dishes for ears with the dips in them.

The idea for Goofy's Grapes and Fruit Bow-quet came from Pennywise Cook: Affordable Mickey Mouse Party, or I should say the Goofy's Grapes came from there. I wanted to make a fruit bouquet, because Hazel loves them, and I have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter as well as a small butterfly that I will use as a bow. I recently saw the amazing Mickey Mouse bouquet available at Edible Arrangements. I love the clubhouse vase for it but am not going to spend the money to get it.  I added the bow-quet to Goofy's Grapes. I however kept the Minnie's Bow-tique Fruit Bows separate. The idea for these came from Creative Kid Snacks and my pin of them is my most repinned pin ever I think! They are a blueberry between two strawberries with a toothpick going through all three. Hazel LOVES fruit, so she likes both of these ideas.

For a beverage I bought some strawberry lemonade (because it is a pretty pink) and then have been making ice cubes with miniature marshmallows frozen in them. The marshmallows will be the white polka-dots Minnie loves. I have a nice clear glass pitcher to serve it from. Hazel has been helping make the ice cubes. I also put some labels on water bottles for the parents and any children who do not like the strawberry lemonade. 

Tomorrow Hazel and I will make the cake. I am keeping it simple. We are making the strawberry cake Hazel always wants to have for her birthday. I am going to make one regular 8 or 9-inch circle and two small circles and make the shape of the head. Then I bought chocolate frosting to cover it. Finally, I am going to add a tissue paper bow. I'll share pictures once we make it tomorrow. 

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