Fun and Easy Quilled Valentine Craft -- Crafty Sunday


I have had a couple of tough weeks at work and home. My fear of teaching while being a mom is coming true. When I get completely frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed the best thing for me to do is to craft. That is what I did this weekend and I finished my latest project. A couple of weeks ago I shared on my Instagram account a beaded heart project similar to my beaded snowflake. In case you missed it, here is a picture.

I used a wooden heart ornament that I got at Christmas time. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I was thinking of these beaded projects and watching a student work on her quilled Eiffel Tower project for her Crafts class at school and it motivated me to come up with a quilled project for Valentine's Day. 

I painted a canvas purple and then glued on a giant cardstock heart (that I got at Paper Source years ago). Then I pulled out my quilling materials and got to work. I began doing simple circles and made some teardrop shaped and glued them on. Towards the top of the heart, I got more creative and pulled out a book that I bought on quilling ages ago and tried what they called the beehive and wheated. I really enjoyed this project. It took some time but it was relaxing without much thinking besides what color to do next. I picked up some rose and heart 3-D stickers and put some on to see how it looked. Which do you prefer?

 For now I have the stickers on it and it is hanging on the wall. I am not sure I will keep them on there. I love how easy quilling is and it is definitely a craft kids can do. I think I may try some harder quilling projects next. I got some supplies to do different techniques. 

Making these involves using a quilling tool which helps you coil thin strips of paper and then let them slightly loosen and glue the end and then glue them to the paper. You can slightly squeeze the coil to make different shapes. It is something I can see tweens and teens enjoying! I would love to hear what you think of my quilled heart and whether I should keep the stickers on it or not. Hope you are having a good weekend!