Easter Paper Quilling Crafts -- Crafty Sundays


Easter is early this year. I have started pulling out the Easter decorations as well as some spring. Spring is my favorite season. I love watching the world come back alive. Lately I have been trying paper quilling again. I bought myself a quilling comb kit. The book that comes with the kit explains some different techniques and has some projects. One I tried was a cross. I used a old frame I got at a discount store off season. It was a St. Patrick's Day decoration. I covered the print with cardstock and nicer paper. 

I glued on my quilled cross and added a purple "shawl" with curled ends and some quilled flowers. It is perfect for Easter! A few years ago, I bought Creative Paper Quilling by Ann Martin. In it is a tutorial for an Elegant Easter Egg. I decided to try it and made a few changes. I used a wooden egg we had painted when Hazel was young. 

I decided I didn't really like the scroll flower (peach) and decided to make a daffodil similar to the lavender point flower. I am very happy with how it came out. I looked for more wooden or paper mâché eggs at the stores, but didn't find any. I have a few others that we painted or had from Hazel's younger years so I may try creating my own. I did find some flat wooden eggs at Dollar Tree. I painted them various spring colors and decided to decorate them with different quilling.

I've been practicing different flowers from tutorials in Creative Paper Quilling. I think these daises are my favorite to make. I thought it would be fun to have a vine of them on the egg. I also made some teardrop leaves. 

I bought a set of quilling strips that came with some edged strips. I decided to try them all out and tried to do them in different colors for this flower egg. They are similar to these strips. Since the edges are already cut it is really easy to make these flowers. I love the variety of them!

The final egg that I have completed this weekend is a hummingbird. I used the hummingbird tutorial in the comb kit. I changed the colors to be more like a ruby throat hummingbird (like we have near us). I am considering giving this one to my father. He always loved hummingbirds. I added some flowers to fill the egg and then made some curly clouds. I have many more eggs to make. I plan to do a cross on one as well as a butterfly or two. I also am planning to do a pattern one. I am loving experimenting with different quilling techniques. I love how easy quilling is and with a few tools, paper and glue it is a pretty easy craft that even children can do.