Guess How Marion Feels -- Book Review & Giveaway with Emotion Activity Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Maya Nurtures to bring you this post and giveaway.

Today I get to share with you a picture book that explores feelings. It is perfect for the younger child. At the end of the post is a giveaway and there is also a round-up of emotion activities to go with the book. The book is Guess How Marion Feels by Miss Kaye and illustrated by Miss Waitthk. 

About the Book:
Guess How Marion Feels Written by Miss Kaye and Illustrated by Miss Waitthk

Ages 3+ | 34 Pages Publisher: ‎ Maya Nurtures (2024) | ISBN-13: 9781738593026

Publisher’s Book Summary: Marion is a kind, creative, and easy kid… but he’s faced with BIG emotions. Help Marion identify those BIG feelings in this interactive children’s picture book.

Guess How Marion Feels is a transformative experience that lays the foundation for emotional intelligence and meaningful connections. A gentle Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool to guide parents, caregivers, and teachers to teach kids who struggle to pick up social cues and have challenges in social situations.

This book is made to celebrate and honor the feelings of our little ones, foster open communication, and create inclusive learning with our neurodivergent kids. Written by a neurodivergent author, Miss Kaye aims to support kids and everyone struggling with social interactions.



Miss Kaye was born in the Philippines. She had challenges as an adult neurodivergent. This serves as her inspiration for writing fun, engaging, and educational stories to teach life skills and mindfulness to kids.


Miss Waitthk is from Hongkong. She enjoys making people feel happy and joyful through her drawings. As a kid, she remembered drawing anime characters and coloring them with colored pencils. Since then, she kept on drawing.

From Me:

Marion feels many emotions on his first day of school. This book shares what is happening, and the physical reaction Marion is having and asks the reader to guess what Marion is feeling. It is a great book for introducing or talking about feelings with young children as well as to help them recognize when others are feeling different emotions. 

It goes through emotions like happy, scared, surprised, excited, angry, worried, relaxed, disgusted, hopeful, and joyful. At the end of the book there is a page where Marion shares with his mother the events and emotions of the day. I love how the summary pages says he felt a certain way when something happened. It gives the emotion and the event that helped him feel that way. In the story the physical reactions are described. For example, his eyes are twinkling, and he is bouncing in his seat when he is excited. The book does a great job at describing the signs of the emotions as well as the causes or reasons of the feelings. All of this is such important things to learn. I hope you will check the book out!

Emotion Activity Round-Up:

To go with this book, it seems perfect to share some activities involving emotions and recognizing them. My fellow bloggers have quite a few different activities and resources for me to share with you to use with the book. 

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14) LEGO Faces Template: Drawing Emotions from Little Bins for Little Hands

15) Emotions Bingo from The Best Ideas for Kids

16) 5 Fun Emotion Emoji Bilingual Activities in English and Chinese from Chalk Academy

17) Emotion Faces Crazy Hair Magnet Activity from A Little Pinch of Perfect

18) Feelings & Emotions Pixel Color By Number Pages from In the Playroom

19) Emotional Pictionary from Darcy and Brian

20) "The Feelings You Feel Lyrics" to Sing to Kids from Extremely Good Parenting

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24) Apple Emotion Sorting Mat from Fluffy Tots

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26) I Spy Feelings on Penguins from J.Daniel4's Mom

27) Feelings and Emotions Recognition with Sharks from Beth Ann Averill (NOTE: This is not a free activity)


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