Beaded Decor Craft


My plans for this week were to take it easy and enjoy some time with friends and family. Unfortunately, Hazel came home with a cold last week and shared it with me over the weekend. Our Christmas plans were cancelled, and Hazel and I have been watching a Harry Potter marathon. I want to share a fun craft I made last week. I am going to hang in on our front door once I take the Christmas wreaths down.

Now this idea came from one of my favorite stores. There is a gift shop near us that sells local crafts mostly made by women. The owner also sells jewelry that she buys at estate sales and cleans up. The unwearable jewelry she makes into these beautiful crafts. I have purchased two of them.

I love this one as I am a tea drinker and I bought this when we were getting together with some girls for tea parties. I also bought these cardinals. I was so excited to see the female on the picture.

When you purchase one the owner let's you know if beads fall off to bring it back. She hot glues them onto wood pieces. Then puts the wood pieces onto a canvas or backing. Now my front door and hot glue do not go together. Our front door is in the afternoon sun and nothing with hot glue stays together there. I found a large wooden snowflake at The Dollar Tree, I believe. I gathered some blue, white and clear beads to use on this. I used craft glue instead of hot glue. I painted the wood before gluing the beads on.

Then I layered bead on. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I have some other wooden shapes to try including some tree ornaments. For now I have a nice winter decoration for our door. Happy Holidays!! And best wishes for the new year!!