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Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I am working with Kate Foster and The Children's Book Review to bring you this post and giveaway.

Over the years I have shared several wordless books. Books without words or with only a few words help develop children's imaginations. It can make story time really interesting and a wordless book's story can change each time. We have shared some of our favorite ones as well as new ones we reviewed. when we were at the Waldorf School it was suggested not to read young children books with words until kindergarten. Today I get to share another one that is very unique. It is Art by Marin Darmonkow.

From the Publisher:

ART Written by Marin

34 Pages | Publisher: Fontreal | ISBN-13: 9781989661215

Publisher’s Book Summary: 
Art is autistic and artistic.
Art has just one friend – his teddy bear.
Art does not speak, but he makes art. Art that dismisses gravity.

The publication crowns the artist and turns royalty into a mere audience. The sophisticated illustrations inspire readers to express their emotions, verbalize their feelings, and create their own stories.




Marin is proud to be a self-published children’s book creator. He writes his stories, illustrates the books, designs the covers, formats the pages, and publishes the volumes. He even creates new fonts for his publications to make them one-of-a-kind. To achieve a world-class status for his books, Marin “marinates” them in a special creative compound.

Marin lives with his family on the Canadian East Coast. He is very thankful that the weather there is often bad and gives him more chances to sit in front of a computer and create. His works are available in several different formats:

HARDCOVER: books are cataloged and can be ordered in any bookstore or library in North America. A book title, author’s name, or ISBN is needed for placing an order.

SOFTCOVER and EBOOK: available on Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, and other big and small book retailers.

AUDIOBOOK: obtainable from Audible, iTunes, MagicBlox, and other vendors.

For more information, visit

From Me:

The only words in the book are a paragraph at the very beginning. It introduces Art, the autistic artist who performs in a circus with his teddy bear. Art does not speak and at one performance in front of royalty he and his teddy bear disappear. They leave only a suitcase with a book of illustrations. It is implied that the book is the book of illustrations. From there the reader gets to create whatever story he or she wants from the pictures. When Hazel was young, I might create a story with a wordless book, or I may ask Hazel what she thinks is happening.  I love these kinds of books that allow the reader to imagine and interpret the pictures. It is a wonderful way to teach kids the art of storytelling as well as growing imaginations. 

I love how the introduction paragraph lets the reader know that Art is autistic and an artist. It also shares that he thought his teddy bear was magical. Art also doesn't talk so it makes sense that his book wouldn't have words. The pictures are amazing, and the story is magical. I would love to share this book with young child and see where they would take the story. I hope you check it out. 


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