Books about Winter Climate Animals


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Winter begins in a few days. Of course, in New England we feel like it has been winter for a while. However, I often think of winter books in January. Today I am sharing two new books--a board book and a nonfiction book about animals in the winter. The board book is Whose Prints? by Kari Allen and illustrated by Kim Smith. It is suggested for preschool and up. 

From the Publisher:

Go on a snowy adventure through the woods and match animals to their tracks in this beautiful board book with die-cuts throughout!

Who tiptoed across the snow? Who scurried and skittered? Who slink-slink-slinked along? Little readers will love looking at different tracks in the snow and figuring out which animal made each one.

From Me:

This is the type of book I loved when Hazel was young. I always loved books that took us on an adventure and got us outside to explore nature. This book is just like that. On a snowy day a child and parent go outside to look at the various footprints in the snow. They discover who made each set of prints including deer, squirrels, hares, a fox, an owl, mice, and the people. The book has cut-outs where the various footprints are. It is a fun book that will be sure to inspire kids to get outside and explore. 

The words are simple, and the illustrations are fun. I can see kids loving this book and trying to guess the next animal. It is a fun book and will get kids learning about animal footprints. It reminds me of the year we played with "snow" playdough and used her toys to make footprints in it. A wonderful activity to go with this book if there isn't snow outside!

Our next book is Polar Animals and Other Cold-Climate Creatures by Pascale Hédelin and illustrated by Didier Balicevic, Maëlle Cheval, Yating Hung, and Yi-Hsuan Wu. It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

From the Publisher:

What type of animals live in the cold regions? How do they survive in extreme temperatures? The Do You Know?(TM) series provides in-depth looks at a wide range of popular subjects.

Appealing to children who want to know everything, each thought-provoking book features
• 96 pages of engaging and educational answers to many popular questions
• Hundreds of labeled full-color illustrations
• Educational content reviewed by experts

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• Great family and classroom read-aloud book
• Books for 5 and up
• Books for kindergarten and early elementary school students

From Me:

This book shares about the various cold regions throughout the world and the various creatures that live there including humans. I love how the book shares about history as well as modern times and homes of indigenous people. The book shares facts about the various animals and how they survive in the coldest regions on earth. 

The book explains the various environments from tundra to mountains and water. It then goes into the various animals that live in that environment. It shares about caribou, arctic wolf, birds, musk oxen, wolverines, moose, polar bears, penguins, giant panda, lynx and so many more. The pages have a question and answer on the right side of each double page spread. It also has a review section after each environment. This book is perfect for the classroom, research or just wanting to learn about the various animals of the cold regions. 

As winter is fast approaching most elementary teachers will be beginning their polar animal units. This book is a wonderful addition to any such unit. As you get ready for the start of winter be sure to check out these books!