Fun Christmas Books for Little Ones

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am going to share two more Christmas books. These are for the younger kids. One is a board book and the other is a picture book. The board book is about the Christmas story and in particular the wise men. The picture book is entertaining and involves many storybook favorite characters. Let's start with the board book, The Story of the Wise Men by Patricia A. Pingry and illustrated by Alice Buckingham. It is recommended for ages 1 to 4.

From the Publisher:

Learn all about the Wise Men's journey to Bethlehem in this new board book, perfect for little ones curious about the story behind their Nativity set.

From Patricia A. Pingry, the best-selling author of The Story of Christmas (see my review of this one), comes a biblically faithful retelling of the journey of the wise men. This little board book begins with the appearance of the star in the sky on the night of Jesus's birth; follows the wise men's long journey to Bethlehem, including their visit with King Herod; and culminates with the wise men presenting gifts to Jesus as he sits on his mother's lap. With simple vocabulary and fresh, contemporary illustrations, this book will make the perfect addition to the beloved The Story of . . . series. With simple vocabulary and fresh, contemporary illustrations, this book will make the perfect addition to the beloved The Story of . . . series.

From Me:

Now I have to admit I have a bit of a fondness for Patricia A. Pingry's The Story of ... Series. When Hazel was young I picked up a discount copy of The Story of Mary and it is truly how Hazel learned the Christmas story. I cannot tell you how many times I read it to her when she was young. The Story of the Wise Men begins with the shepherds hearing the news of the birth of Jesus the Christ. It then goes into the story of the wise men. They see the big star and decide to follow it. They see King Herrod and he gets angry to find out there is another king. It is a sweet story that keeps to the Bible version in a board book for the youngest of kids. 

Our second book combines all of your favorite storybook characters--the three bears, the gingerbread man, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. into one Christmas story. It is Once Upon a Christmas by Dawn Young and illustrated by Kenneth Anderson. This book is recommended for ages 4 to 7.

From the Publisher:

Turn "Ho ho ho" into "Ha ha ha" with this zany Christmas picture book featuring Santa, Bigfoot, Little Red Riding Hood, unicorns, dragons, and more!

In Once Upon a Christmas, the Three Bears' Christmas party gets off to a rocky start: Bigfoot can't stop photobombing, the dragon burns the fruitcake, and Jack Frost inadvertently triggers the storm of the century--knocking Santa's sleigh off course and straight into a lake! A soaked St. Nick finds eager helpers in the partygoers, a varied cast of mythical creatures and familiar fictional favorites. The unlikely team rescues the sleigh, just in time to continue the festivities and get Santa on his merry way. Humorous twists and action-packed illustrations will make this story an instant family classic for the Christmas season.

From Me:

This book would have been perfect when Hazel was younger. She always loved the classic storybook characters coming together with twists. In this one it is a Christmas party hosted by the Three Bears. The party is not going so well. Then we see Santa getting stuck in the lagoon. He finds the Three Bears' house and goes inside. He finds some clothes that are just his size and changes out of his wet suit. Then he discovers the party. He asks all the storybook characters for help getting his sleigh and gifts out of the water. After all is rescued, he stays a bit for the party.  Having Santa at the party is just what was needed. The holiday cheer is in full swing. 

It is a sweet story with the classic characters and a few acts borrowed from the classic stories. It will be loved by kids who know the classics including Rapunzel, Jack Frost, and so much more! 

I hope you will check out these two fun Christmas books and get them in time for the big day!