Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm -- Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I am working with The Children's Book Review and Lori Adams for this review. I was sent a digital copy of the book and will receive a small stipend. All opinions are my own.

Have a middle grade reader ready to step into a fantasy and/or perhaps a pirate ship? Today's book is for you! It is the first book in a series for middle grades readers and it brings the reader into the secret world of pirates filled with magic and more! The book is Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm by Lori Adams. 

From the Pubisher:

Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm Written by Lori Adams
Ages 9-12 | 336 Pages
Publisher: Spyhop Publishing | ISBN-13: 9781737131205

When a young girl learns she is the Last Heir of the legendary pirate Davy Jones, she is whisked away to begin life aboard an enchanted schoolship for Pirate Heirs where danger and excitement awaits.

Contemporary kids who happen to be Heirs of the most villainous and celebrated pirates in history. Superstitions, mysteries, curses, secrets, strange ocean creatures, undead pirates, and seafaring legends will thrill middle-grade readers in this rollicking, globe-trotting adventure.

Avalina Jones, the Last Heir of the infamous pirate Davy Jones, has never heard of Sea Magic, flying dinghies, Pirate Heir schoolships, phantom islands, undead pirates, or creatures called Half Ones. And she has never understood her strange connection to water. But when a beautiful woman arrives in a swirling waterspout, Avalina’s life explodes with more adventures than she can possibly imagine. She takes her rightful place aboard a giant Pirate Heir schoolship teeming with Heirs of the world’s most nefarious pirates.

Raised as a Landlubber, Avalina quickly realizes bizarre and danger are normal aboard Pirate Heir schoolships-food fights back, school supplies giggle or explode in your face. And not everyone can be trusted.

When Avalina is accused of a terrible crime, she must prove her innocence or risk being banished from the schoolship forever-and this in the middle of a crucial Treasure Hunt!

Avalina races to unlock the secrets of the ship and makes a dangerous discovery that threatens everyone aboard. With the help of her new friends Charlie, Pippa, and Bummy, Avalina draws closer to the truth, unaware that a deeper, darker fate awaits.

Author Lori Adams expertly delivers a story that is timeless, bringing together elements of sea lore, magic, and adventure. The first book in a seven-book series, Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm, is a romping tale for middle graders who are searching for the next enduring fantasy classic.

About the Author:

Lori Adams is the author of the Avalina Jones series for middle-grade readers (Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm (#1) as well as two young adult series: The Kate March Mysteries: Speak Easy (#1) set in Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties, and the Soulkeepers Series: Forbidden, Awaken, and Unforgiven, a paranormal fantasy set in the quintessential but fictitious town of Haven Hurst, Connecticut and first published through Random House.

Lori was born and raised in Oklahoma but moved to Southern California where she lives with her family. She loves traipsing along SoCal’s wonderful beaches, watching Angel’s baseball, Cowboys’ football. Aside from writing, Lori loves reading and watching Classic Hollywood Movies.

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From Me:

Imagine growing up in an orphanage wondering about your past. Knowing the water calls you and you can breathe under the water unlike the other orphans. You also have memories or dreams about amazing adventures in the water. Some of the other orphans say you make it up. The head of the orphanage tells you the other orphans are landlubbers unlike you and her but doesn't really explain it all. Then one night a strange woman shows up from nowhere and tells the orphanage head that the time for you to return is now. They argue and discuss your parents and a curse. Then once an agreement is made the strange woman sneaks into a locked window to "kidnap" you and tells you that you are the last heir of Davy Jones and are a pirate. Welcome to the live of Avalina Jones. She is whisked away to the pirate schoolship and the real fantasy begins. 

In this book the characters are well developed, and it is full of fantasy and wonder. I love that the heirs are a mixture of races, genders and more. The ship has humans but also fantastical creatures--like half human and half manta ray creatures and more. This book will draw in the kids who love adventure and fantasy. It is also perfect for the kids who love pirates or perhaps have outgrown their love of pirates, because there isn't much for them to read. Every page is full of magic and adventure. Avalina needs to learn about her new life and also figure out about her family's curse. It is an intriguing story that will have you wanting to read more to know what might happen next. 

Lori Adams creates this magical world with magical creatures as well as magical food. There are references to many famous pirates along the way as well as learning some pirate lure. It is recommended for middle grades, but older pirate lovers will also enjoy reading this book. It also would be a fun read-aloud book for elementary classes. I hope you will check it out!


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