DIY Holiday Ornaments for Tweens, Teens & Adults -- Crafty Sundays


Today I'm going to share a few more ornament crafts. These crafts can be made by tweens and higher. The first was inspired by some ornaments I saw in a small local gift store. The ornaments I saw were glass balls with flower petals glued on all over it. I saw them and said we can make those with our pressed flowers. Every spring and summer I like to pick flowers from our yard and press them. I often use my dictionary but also have made a homemade flower press. I use the flowers in different projects from notecards to vases/pencil holders. This year we Mod Podged some onto glass balls.

I always dry some pansies and love how these came out with my pansies. Pansies are personally special memory flower for me. My father and I planted them around our dogwood tree every year. I always loved picking them and making bouquets. I have grown them just about everywhere I have lived ever since. 

I have some more dried flowers that I may have to make more ornaments! I am loving them and they don't have to be just Christmas ornaments. These are ornaments you could keep out all year or perhaps decorate a spring tree with them in the early spring!

Our second ornaments involve a new hat for our angel/elf ornaments. I saw this Facebook post that showed how to make these hats. I decided to try some elf ornaments using these yarn hats. To make these hats you need a toilet paper roll and yarn. First cut off a piece of the toilet paper roll. You will want to cut the piece so you can fit it to your ornament head. I suggest adding the hair before measuring for the hat. Then use some tape to close the ring to the right size. Next take a piece of yarn, mine were about 8 inches. Loop in half and stick it inside the toilet paper roll piece. Bring the two ends up and stick them through the loop. Tighten the knot. Continue with other pieces of yarn. Make sure to stick the loop towards the side with the ends sticking out. 

Once the toilet paper roll piece is completely full, gather all the ends. Take a piece of yarn and tie the end off where you want the hat to end. Then trim the ends of the yarn to be even and look like the pom pom top of a hat. Now your hat is ready to glue on to the head of your elf (or angel). 

Then you finish the elf or angel following my tutorial. For the ones I made I made the dresses a bit bigger. I also have new twine that is thicker. I don't like it but made these few with it. Here is my other one.

I took a larger needle with string to hang the ornaments and added the strings through the hat. Enjoy! Happy crafting!!