Paper Wildflowers -- Crafty Sundays


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am going to share one of the craft books I am saying is Earth Day related. Now paper crafts in general aren't usually Earth Day crafts unless they are recycled crafts. However today's crafts are making paper wildflowers. My hope is when people see how beautiful the paper wildflowers are they will plant more wildflowers or at least let them grow when they pop up. Many of these wildflowers will attract pollinators to your yard. Plus if they are natural for your area they will help all the wildlife. So now I share A Beginner's Guide to Paper Wildflowers by Emiko Yamamoto. 

Now I will admit I have a bit of an obsession with paper flowers. I love learning new ways to make them. This book shares some beautiful ones.

As you can see the flowers are divided by season. The book first shares pictures of all the flowers. 

Then there are general instructions and then the detailed instructions for each flower.

Then there are the pages of patterns. On the pattern pages are information about colors and how many of each piece to cut out. I tried the Grape Hyacinth.

I made all of my samples into cards. The flowers are on the big side for cards but I like how they look and I know they make beautiful Mother's Day cards or thank you cards. The book also shares some as wine glass markers, pins and more. There is even this wreath.

Now I tried a few other flowers as well. My family has a love of lily of the valley so I had to try that one.

I have to say the instructions were easy to follow. I love that she suggests everyday tools and not having to buy expensive new tools. For scoring I used a knitting needle. For making the puffed flower shapes I used an chopstick. She suggested both of these in the book. The final one that I have tried thus far is the red clover.

I was thinking of using this one for my mom for Mother's Day. She was jealous when I told her about all the clover flowers I had in my yard one year. She likes to eat them in salad, so this flower makes me think of her. I also love that I made flowers that grow in my yard. I also want to make the buttercup, but haven't done it yet. Happy Crafting!!