Books Made By Kids for Mom & Dad


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

April is almost over so that means it is almost Mother's Day here in the US. Today I am going to share two books that are perfect gifts for kids to make for their parents for Mother's or Father's Day, or birthdays. Each book is created for the child to write, draw, and fill in about their parents. Since Mohter's Day is fast approaching we will start with A Book About Mom with Words and Pictures by Me written by Workman Publishing and illustrated by Irena Freitas. 

Now let's face it great gifts from kids are made by them. And the best include their view of you and your relationship with them. This book is all about that. It starts with basics like your name and information.

Then it gives them a place to draw a portrait of you and them.

Now that the basics are out of the way the fun can begin! This book has creative pages with fill-in-the-blanks about favorite foods, things, activities. It also has places for the kids to use their imagination with secret tree houses and special adventures.

The book is not gender specific for who is filling it in for Mom. Some of the pages seem a bit more girlish and others seem a bit more boyish but all can go for any child.

This is one of those keepsake gifts that any mom will treasure forever. It is suggested for ages 5 to 12 but the younger kids may need help from another adult or child to fill it in. This is a must get gift for mom from any child. At the end of the book there is a page of stickers that can be used throughout the book.

Now we cannot leave Dad out. The second book is A Book About Dad with Words and Pictures by Me also by Workman Publishing and illustrated by Irene Freitas. The first few pages are set up the same but with different coloring.

But after the basics, the books have different tones. There is definitely a bit more humor and adventure in Dad's. There are pages talking about pizza, monsters, and more!

You can definitely get the sense that this book is written for kids to give to their Dads with more guy topics but there are also sentimental topics and more girlish pages.

Let's face it, this book would be loved by any dad who receives it from his child and most children will love making it for him. I hope you will check these books out and pick one up for a kid you know to create for his/her mom or dad!