Mending with Love for Earth Day!


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Earth Day is this week. How are you celebrating? I have been sharing books that are great to use with kids for a few weeks now. Today I am going to share a craft book that is perfect for Earth Day. This book is all about making things with rips and stains usable again. The book is Mending with Love: Creative Repairs for Your Favorite Things by Noriko Misumi. 

This book is all about how to make those favorite clothes and other cloth items that have gotten a tear or stain. Reusing worn clothes is perfect for Earth Day. The book is divided into five parts. First Noriko explains her reasons for writing the book and shares her favorite things and her thoughts on mending. The second part is about mending socks and includes using a darning mushroom. The third part is to mend holes, stains, and frays. She gives specific types of projects. It includes basic felting and patching techniques. She includes mending clothes as well as kitchen fabrics, handkerchiefs, slippers, bags and more. The fourth part is about covering up stains with stamps. The fifth part has different projects. The appendix is full of different types of stitches including crocheting. 

The instructions in the book are clear and can be applied to any project. I love the idea of making old new again. The book shares basics and takes those basic skills further to make things beautiful again. 

Which cloth do you need to mend? Is it a favorite shirt, dress, pants? Or perhaps it is the apron your mother handed down to you. This book gives ideas for all sorts of mending and on different fabrics.

I love the ideas and different methods she gives to fix different every day messes and mistakes. Whether it is with thread, yarn or ink her techniques are unique and will give older textiles a new look. 

Imagine the money you will save by fixing your clothes and your kids' clothes instead of buying new ones plus think about the good we will be doing for the Earth not to throw them all away.

So let's get mending! I hope you will check out this book!