Books to Help Me Make Time for Myself and for God -- Mommy Time Review


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This past year has been very stressful on everyone. Mental health issues are up everywhere. As a mom and wife I think I have probably had to take the most risks with the virus. I am the one who generally goes to run errands. I am the one who goes to the grocery store. I am also the one that deals with making appointments for vaccines, etc. I don't know about where you are but there is a huge vaccine shortage in Massachusetts. And it doesn't help that the federal government has pressured the states to make everyone eligible by a certain date. Adding more people into the mix has just made it harder for the people who were already qualified to get appointments. Steve qualified almost three weeks ago. Today we were able to get him an appointment for next Friday. It has been very hard and frustrating. I have definitely felt like I need time for myself and I definitely need time to connect with God. One way I do this is by journaling and today I'm going to share a perfect journal for both things. It is The Confident Woman Journal by Joyce Meyer. 

From the Publisher:

For women who have tried every solution imaginable to be the best version of themselves, but nothing seems to be working, Joyce Meyer has the answer: Confidence.

Joyce explains that confidence stems from being positive in your actions and living honestly, but most importantly from having faith, in God and in ourselves. By using the characteristics outlined in Confidently You, this journal gives women a place to write out their concerns and prayers.

With encouragement from Joyce Meyer to guide us, we can work towards becoming the confident woman we were created to be.

Ellie Claire's LeatherLuxe® material plus a four-color interior design combine to make The Confident Woman a stunning journal. The rich feel of leather is finished with round corners to make this journal an extraordinary gift for any time of year.

From Me:

After Joyce's introduction the pages are lined and filled with quotes to build one's confidence. Some pages have colorful borders like the one above and others are more plain like the one below. 

The messages however are wonderful and perfect for when I feel the need to journal. It is usually when I'm emotional and upset or feeling completely overwhelmed. I find journaling as a great way to communicate with God as well as myself. 

The messages are about how to live your life to the fullest as well as how to connect with God. They are meant for women who sometimes need a little boost and let's face it I don't know a woman who doesn't at some point!

I love that the messages are on the pages because when I journal is exactly when I need a little boost. I hope you will check it out!

Now I am the youngest of three girls and I turned 50 in 2020. My sisters and I have always had a little fear of growing old--turning grey and getting wrinkles. I have recently accepted my grey hairs as wisdom highlights, but we get a bit competitive over not having wrinkles and showing age. Our next book is perfect for this. It is How to Age Without Getting Old by Joyce Meyer. 

From the Publisher:

Be empowered and equip yourself with tools to live a full and fruitful life at any age with renowned Bible teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer.

Everything is beautiful in its time. Life is a journey through beautiful and varied seasons, with a dynamic cadence and full of continued discovery. Embrace each season of your life and learn to live into it fully with grace and help from Joyce Meyer, as she shows you:
  • How to truly cast even your lifelong cares upon the Lord
  • How to live dynamically, embracing and delighting in the journey
  • How to embrace God's grace for this season
  • How to live abundantly as your body and mind change

God's timing is always perfect, and there is a distinct and meaningful purpose for this season of your life. Joyce says, "Only a fool thinks they can always do what they have always done." How to Age Without Getting Old equips us to become wise enough to embrace God's changing grace and the evolution of our calling to the next season of life.

From Me:
Joyce shares practical advice as well as spiritual advice. At the age of 78, Joyce is sharing her wisdom and experience with aging. She admits she cannot live the same life she did when she was younger as her body and energy levels have changed. I love how she shares ways to trust God in your own lives and with the changes. She shares her own experiences to see how it can work. She also deals with mindset and needs. She talks about boundaries and limits. She also discusses fears and doubts. I love how she takes on everything that aging is truly about. Now my grandmother use to tell me never to grow old. She was sick in her old age and told me it was miserable to be old. Now I am witnessing my parents growing old and my father's Alzheimer's. It can be scary and frustrating. I know my parents cannot do what they once did. My poor father's brain isn't even there for him to do many common things himself. However this book helps me look at aging in a very different way from my grandmother and parents. I do have my own religion to trust God. After struggling with trying to find Steve an appointment for the vaccine and praying about it an appointment opportunity just arrived with a text from a hospital. God answers and takes care of us. I do not fear getting older because I have this trust in God. This book emphasizes such things.

The book also discusses the part of life where you have to take care of yourself. You need to remain active physically and mentally. You need to eat properly and drink enough water, etc. Throughout the book there are little rectangles with a piece of information from the page. The rectangles are the key points and those will help you age without getting old. The rest of the page helps explain how to do those key points. This book is perfect for anyone worried about aging or who just needs to reset their lives and work through the difficulties. I hope you will check it out!