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In our world today we have just about everything at our fingertips. We can give our kids our smart phones or tablets to entertain them. Kids today are glued to the television or some form of technology. When Hazel was young we started her at a Waldorf school. One of the things I loved about the Waldorf philosophy was the no technology rule. They actually took it even further for the younger kids. They encouraged storytelling without books or with wordless books. The philosophy believed that preschool kids' bodies were developing so fast at that time that the body should be allowed to do its growing without the burden of trying to work to learn letters and words. The art of storytelling seems to be gone especially during this pandemic. However storytelling is important for our kids' development. From stories kids learn virtues and good character especially from stories that demonstrate it. Kids will often copy the behavior they see or hear about. This is why we turn to fairy tales over and over. The basic tales have good overcoming evil over and over again. The honest, kind, good people are rewarded while the dishonest and cheaters are punished or lose. 

Another benefit of storytelling especially without a book is developing good listening skills. A child has to sit and listen to the story. This will help them when they are in school and have to follow society's rules for behavior. Also without the pictures their imaginations will grow. They get to envision the story on their own. It also helps develop their memories. And storytelling can help them prepare to learn and succeed in an academic setting. It also teaches social skills including patience and often kindness and other good character traits. (Source) All of these are the reasons I fell in love with storytelling when Hazel was young. Plus I remember having fairy tales on cassette tape when I was young along with books to read along. I loved those tapes and books and listened to them all the time even before I could read along. The stories were great but so was the telling of them. When Hazel was younger I bought several CD's from a storyteller. She loved those stories. We would listen to them in the car and she would also listen to them in the mornings so I could sleep in. Now she is fascinated with fairy tales--she just reads the more grown up books with the fairy tale characters in them as well as is writing her own "books" about them.

Today I get to share with you an amazing new version of storytelling. These podcasts share classic fairy tales with twists and humor. The entire family will enjoy them. Plus there are Hidden Heroes in History stories that share about real people and their lives. Some you may have heard of and other you may not, but I assure you, you and your kids will learn a bit of history and often they are people in STEAM lines of work. 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast is not only a breath of fresh air, but it is also a super-fun way to keep young learners engaged, entertained, and learning during challenging times. Dorktales Storytime Podcast Jonathan Cormur is the host (and storyteller) of this fun podcast for kids that features: 1) Dorktales--geeky retellings of classic fairy tales with pop culture easter eggs in every story. 2) Hidden Heroes of History--real stories about people you probably never learned about in school but who have changed history in ways we could have never imagined.

Think Fractured Fairy Tales meets Big Bang Theory and the History Detectives!

In Dorktales Storytime Podcast, Jonathan is joined by his plucky puppet sidekick, Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog (or “Mr. Redge,” if you prefer) to tell goofier versions of tales that have delighted kids for generations. The shows are suitable for preschool and early elementary school ages and are an excellent way to keep kids engaged and learning while having loads of giggles and entertainment.

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 You may recognize Jonathan from his work with his mom, Jodi, from Geek Club Books and Zoom Autism Magazine. His new podcast for kids, Dorktales Storytime Podcast, showcases his career as a successful voice actor who also happens to be on the spectrum. Jonathan Cormur

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I am exceptionally proud of Jonathan because he is a young man who has not let being on the spectrum define him...or hold him back! Help us help Jonathan excel even more in his flourishing career path as a voice actor and storyteller. Here's how YOU can support him!


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Jonathan Cormur introduces himself as the host and storyteller of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast and answers the question you may be pondering, “What ARE Dorktales?” Episode webpage: 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP2: Three Little Hogs?! By Karen Simpson Gardiner
Dorktales Storytime Podcast 
 The Three Little…HOGS? Who’s heard of that? According to Mr. Redge, our Dorktales sidekick, it’s a classic tale from the fairy tale cannon! Come hear our storyteller recount the story of hedgehogs Porky, Percy, and Peregrin, and their ultimate triumph over the dastardly wolf using a glue pot, rapier, and a wheelbarrow. According to Percy, “It’s epic, man!” Episode webpage: 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP3: Little Red By Karen Simpson Gardiner
Dorktales Storytime Podcast 
 La, la, la, la-la! Have you heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood? You know, the one about the sweet, innocent little girl in the beautiful red cloak who outfoxes the big bad wolf? Well forget that one and think ninja granny with a stealthy rescue plan and fierce tranquilizer dart skills. Episode webpage: 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP4: RumpleTaleSpin By Amy Thompson
Dorktales Storytime Podcast
“Rump, who?” asks Mr. Redge as Jonathan spins the tall tale of Daphne, the Miller’s daughter, who must spin thread into gold for a greedy king. It’s an epic yarn involving a magical lawn gnome, a clever guessing game, and a Wizard of Oz ending! Episode webpage:

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP5: Mary Golda Ross Hidden Heroes of History By Molly Murphy
Mary Golda Ross 
 The true tale of a woman who reached for the stars! Mary Golda Ross was one of the first women to rise in the ranks of engineering and one of the first Native Americans in the field. Her work in the early days of spaceflight was very important and is still to this day. Episode webpage: 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP6: The Prickly Duckling By Amy Thompson
Dorktales Storytime Podcast 
 After the quacks and croaks of laughter from his siblings and bullying bullfrog, the poor little duckling waddles off through the marshes to find someone who will accept and love him. What about the gaggle of goslings? Or the brood of chicks? “No one understands me! I’ll never fit in,” he cries until he bumps into the best version of himself. Episode webpage:

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP7: The Emperor’s New Quills By Amy Thompson
Dorktales Storytime Podcast 
 Is the fancy fabric for the emperor’s new clothes really invisible to those who are not worthy? Or is this a case of double-dealing dupery by two wily weavers? As the emperor struts his stylish self through the streets of his kingdom, it will take one forthright boy to blurt out the naked truth. Episode webpage 

Dorktales Storytime Podcast EP8: Louis Armstrong Hidden Heroes of History By Molly Murphy
 A tale of Mississippi riverboats, parasol parades, and breaking racial barriers! A man that built a music legacy and a legacy beyond music—Louis Armstrong transformed jazz music and became the beloved “Ambassador Satch” who performed all over the world! So much of his life was about a deep passion for music and using it to bring people together. Episode Webpage: 

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Dorktales Storytime Podcast 
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My Review:

I have listened to several of them now and have to say they are well done. They are funny and I love the twists to the stories and I love learning about the historical people. I certainly liked some more than others but they are all wonderful. I loved learning about Maria Golda Ross. I want to look into her more especially with Native American History Month starting on Sunday. I love that the miller's daughter gets a name in Rumple-tale-spin and the twists on the story. It and The Prickly Duckling were my two favorites of the tales I listened to. They both made me sit back and compare them to the original stories and I loved the changes. Jonathan's sidekick, Redge will have you and your family laughing and let's face it we all need some laughter right now. I hope you will check them out, subscribe and share the fun with your family and friends!