Beautiful Origami Paper Wreaths -- Crafty Sunday Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book (and the origami papers) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that yesterday started World Origami Days? World Origami Days run from October 24 through November 11 each year. October 24 was picked because it was the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer. She started the first origami group in the United States as well as being one of the founders of British Origami Society and OrigamiUSA. November 11 is Origami Day in Japan and thus why it was picked to end the celebration. (Source) In celebration of World Origami Days it seems we should create some origami, so today I am reviewing an origami book. All of the papers I am using I have shared previously but they all come from Tuttle Publishing

Today we are looking at Beautiful Origami Paper Wreaths by Noriko Nagata. This book is divided into sections by month. There are a couple wreaths for each month as well as a few additional wreaths and of course basic instructions. The first part of the book has photographs of the wreaths and the back of the book has the pages of instructions. The instructions are illustrated and relatively easy to follow. 

I fell in love with the Simple Heart Wreath. It was so easy to make!!

I made this one with the same pattern paper from Origami Paper 300 Sheets Nature Photos. Then I wanted to try it with green on the outside.

I made this one with paper from Origami Paper 300 Sheets Tie Dye Pattern.

There is quite a variety of wreaths in this book. Some are obvious as to why they are in the month they are and others are not as obvious. I wanted to try something from the fall since it is October.

October has the Harvest Season of Fall and Mushrooms. I decided to do the Harvest Season of Fall. They say they are persimmons and apples. I thought they looked like pumpkins and apples.

For this one I used papers from all sorts of different packages. I was looking at the backs for reds and oranges. I was surprised at how easy it was but I did have trouble getting them to stay together so I cheated and used a little glue.

I may have to make at least one of these leaf ones in November. They are both so beautiful. I also wanted to try a Christmas one. I made the Christmas Ornament Wreath but didn't make the Christmas ornaments to put on it yet.

I used papers from Origami Papers 300 Sheets Nature Photos and flipped to using a green back side on some of them. I was thinking it would be a fun one to do with kids because the folds are not hard and then decorate it with glitter glue and ribbon bows or crepe paper bows. I just didn't get around to doing that yet. 

The book has some beautiful flower wreaths as well as animals and other things. I have not tried them all yet but there is definitely something in this book for all seasons!

There are definitely different difficulty levels in the book. Some are very simple and others have more confusing folds. Some of the more intricate wreaths would take a well experienced origami folder. 

The last wreath I tried was the Wreath with Plum Blossoms. I was making these one night and got tired. I think it shows a bit in this wreath.

After going back and looking at their photo I wish I had chosen different papers. I may try it again. However these wreaths will give you ways to celebrate the season in your house and provide some crafts to do yourself or with your kids. I hope you will check it out!