Paper Quilling Four Seasons: Chinese Style -- Crafty Sundays Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I have become a bit fascinated with paper quilling. I shared my first projects previously. After trying it a bit I wanted to get some books about it. I bought a paper quilling kit from Amazon. Then I looked for some books to review. Tuttle Publishing answered my quest. Today I am going to share one of the books they sent me. Paper Quilling Four Seasons Chinese Style by Zhu Liqun and Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum. 

This book shares a quick history of paper quilling and its arrival into China. Then it goes into how to create some of the Chinese traditional folk custom into works of art. It shares the materials, tools, techniques, and the basic elements of Chinese-style paper quilling. 

Then the projects start. There are three le
vels of tutorials: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner chapter starts with the Beginning of Spring (February) and works its way through the year to the Great Cold (January). In the first project chapter there is an explanation of the time of year in the Chinese culture. 

It is from the Beginner Tutorial that I tried a project. I decided to try Cold Dew since it normally falls around October 8 or 9 each year and that is close to the date now. I had to make basic crescents, S crescents, teardrop coils and loose coils. 

I found the instructions very easy to follow. It is very relaxing and fun to see the pictures come together. I made the picture smaller than the sample in the book but had fun doing it. It certainly reminds me of a fall day. How about you?

In the Intermediate Tutorial chapter we begin in spring, but these projects are not tied to specific dates. They are definitely more complex and absolutely beautiful.

In the Advanced Tutorial chapter there are four projects--one for each season. Each picture is complete with many details. They are absolutely beautiful!! I would love to work up to these amazing pictures. They are truly works of art. The picture on the sample page below is the autumn project from this chapter. Isn't it beautiful!

Have you tried paper quilling? I definitely recommend it and find this book to be a great beginner's book. I hope you will check it out!