Fairy Tales in Different Cultures


This is a list of books I will be looking at. I will decide after reading them whether to post about them or not, but wanted to share them with you. I also made a sheet to compare the story to the more common one. It can be found here.

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother
Cinderella and Fairy Godmother William Henry Margetson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Snow White:


Sleeping Beauty
Henry Meynell Rheam - Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty By Henry Meynell Rheam [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Traditional
  • Alaska's Sleeping Beauty
  • Chile -- Sleeping Beauty
  • Ireland -- The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island
  • Germany -- Little Briar Rose
  •               -- The Glass Coffin 
  • Italian -- The Neapolitan Soldier
  •            -- Sleeping Beauty and Her Children
  •            -- Sun, Moon, and Talia
  •            -- Sun, Pearl and Anna
  •            -- The Young Slave
  •            -- The Son of a King (haven't found)
  • Egypt -- The Ninth Captain's Tale
  • Bengal -- The Petrified Mansion
  • Sweden -- Sleeping Beauty
  • France -- Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
  • Palestine -- Wadiah (haven't found)
  • Austria -- The Enchanted Sleep (haven't found)
  • United States -- Alaska's Sleeping Beauty
  •                             -- Sleeping Beauty (Kentucky)
  • Hamster Princess -- Harriet the Invincible

Beauty and the Beast
Crane beauty5
Beauty and the Beast by Walter Crane [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 
  • Original
  • West African Influenced (illustrations)
  • Switzerland -- The Bear Prince
  • Basque -- Beauty and the Beast
  • France -- Beauty and the Beast (Beaumont)
  •            -- Beauty and the Beast (Villenueve)
  •            -- Belle-Rose
  •            -- The Great Beast
  •           -- The Serpent and the Grape Grower's Daughter
  •            -- The White Wolf
  • Spain -- The Lily and the Bear
  • Europe -- Beauty and the Beast
  • Italy -- Beauty and the Beast
  •         -- Belinda and the Monster
  •         -- Zelinda and the Monster
  •         --Bellindia
  •         -- The Enchanted Rose Tree
  • Russia -- The Enchanted Tsarevitch
  • China -- The Fairy Serpent
  • Japan -- Monkey Son-in-Law
  • Greece -- The Gift to the Youngest Daughter
  • Denmark -- Beauty and the Horse
  • Germany -- The Clinking Clanking Lowesleaf
  •               -- The Enchanted Frog
  •               -- Little Broomstick
  •               -- The Little Nut Twig
  •               -- The Summer and Winter Garden
  • Portugal -- The Maiden and the Beast
  • Turkey -- The Princess and the Pig
  • Cyprus -- The Prince Who Changed into a Snake
  • Austria -- The Singing Rose
  • England -- The Small Tooth Dog
  • Britain -- Sorrow and Love
  • Hungary -- The Speaking Grapes, The Smiling Apple and the Tinkling Apricot
  • United States -- A Bunch of Laurela Blooms for a Present (Kentucky)
  •                      -- The Enchanted Prince (Southwest)
  •                      -- Rose
  •                      -- Whitebear Whittington (Appalachian)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Journeys through Bookland - a new and original plan for reading applied to the world's best literature for children (1922) (14783256495)
Jack and the Beanstalk By Internet Archive Book Images 
[No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons
Blue Fairy Book-Rumpelstiltskin
from the Blue Fairy Book By Ricardo Maragna, Andrew Lang (Editor), H.J. Ford and G.P. Jacomb Hood (illustrators) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Images - Lacy Hussar
The Arabian Nights Image By Lacy Hussar 
( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Rough-Faced Girl is one of my girls' favorites, as well as some of the Asian versions.

  2. You might enjoy a book that I had as a child in the 1950s called Shirley Temple Storybook. It is available on Amazon for about $6 used. It is an anthology of fairy tales from many cultures, some of them my favorites to this day. I believe there about a dozen stories in it and beautiful illustrations also.

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  4. thank you for sharing this information!!..christian mom blogger was very useful and i enjoyed reading the story about Rumpelstiltskin..


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