The True Story of Zippy Chippy -- Picture Book Review with Horse Craft & Activity Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

We have all heard of the little engine that could, but have you heard of the little horse that couldn't? Today I get to share with you a picture book about Zippy Chippy, the little horse that couldn't. The book is called The True Story of Zippy Chippy: The Little Horse that Couldn't by Artie Bennett and illustrated by Dave Szalay. 

In this picture book we learn about a race horse named Zippy Chippy. He came from a line of winning race horses, however Zippy Chippy had a problem. He NEVER won. In fact sometimes he wouldn't even leave the gate. However his owners realized he was happiest trying to race so they kept entering him. People even kept betting on him, but he just couldn't succeed. He lost 100 races! Now had he won one of those races people probably wouldn't remember him. The fact that he lost every single one and kept on racing is what has made him famous.

I love the story of Zippy Chippy. He is remembered for doing what he loved even when he wasn't successful. Racing made him happy so he kept racing even if he couldn't get it right. What a great lesson for kids!! This is the opener to discussions on trying, failing, making mistakes and doing what makes one happy. I know quite a few kids that could use those kind of discussions. How about you?

The illustrations in this sweet book are also wonderful. I love the relationship Zippy Chippy has with his humans. I love the sweet expressions on the faces of Zippy and the people. The story flows and is fun and the pictures just add zest to the story. This book is recommended for preschool through third grade. I hope you will check it out and learn about Zippy Chippy. He was a real horse and this story is about his life. To go with this fun book I asked my blog friends for some horse crafts and activities to share with you. There are activities and crafts for different ages. Some are unicorn crafts but can be horse crafts if you do not add the horn!

Horse Crafts

1) Paper Plate Horse from Simple Everyday Mom
2) Autumn Chestnut Horse from Red Ted Art
3) Cardboard Horse from Preschool Tool Kit
6) DIY Hobby Horse from Red Ted Art
8) Hobby Horse Craft from Red Ted Art
10) Horse (unicorn) Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art
11) Horse Sock Puppet from Red Ted Art

Horse Activities

1) Horse Sensory Bin from Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids
2) Horse Small World Play from Teach Me Mommy
3) Color Graphing with Horses from The Wise Owl Factory
4) Small World Equestrian Event from Preschool Tool Kit
5) Reading and Math Rodeo from The Wise Owl Factory
7) Early American Farm Horses from The Wise Owl Factory

Other Horse Books

1) Horse Books for Kids from Growing Book by Book
3) A Pony for Quarantine with printables from The Wise Owl Factory
4) This Way, Charlie (another sweet story based on a real horse)

With all of these crafts, activities and books you can do a complete horse unit and be sure to include the lovable Zippy Chippy.