Song Inspired Art: Ride, Horse Ride by Daria

Last week I shared our first music inspired art/activity post. This week, we are sharing another song inspired art from the same CD, I Have a Dream by Daria. The song this week is among Hazel's favorites. It is called Ride, Horse Ride. First I am going to share with you the song via Daria's video.

Now this song is rather simple and has a fun beat. Daria e-mailed me a wonderful idea of making a Pow-wow Drum to play while listening this song. We have not done this yet, but I hope to.  We however worked on mirror image paintings and chalk drawings for the sun and moon beams and then put horse stickers on them.

We started with chalk drawings. We folded a white piece of paper in half and then used sun colors: red, yellow, orange, white and colored on half the page. Then we folded the page and used a rolling pin over the paper to try to transfer the chalk to the other side. It did not transfer as much as we hoped, but we had fun with it. We repeated this activity with black paper using moon colors: blue, white, green, yellow. Then we put small horse stickers on them.

Next we used some paints. We used washable finger paints and a few colors of acrylics. We used too much paint on each picture. They are going to take days to really dry. However Hazel really enjoyed this. Again we folded the paper in half and put paint (drops) on one side. This transferred much better to the other side. (In fact for those looking for a lesson there is a fractal lesson I once did with this type of painting. The transfer process puts lines into the paint and they form a type of fractals.) Next we went and put horse pictures on them. Hazel decided which one got the big stickers and we had horse head stickers for the other ones. Hazel also made one extra painting with all the colors of finger paints.

While making the drawings and paintings we were listening to Daria's CD and Hazel enjoyed singing into the microphones on her portable CD player. She knows all the words to all the songs so she was having a blast.


  1. This is my daughters favorite song too!

  2. I love those art activities. I will have to share this song with my sons.


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