Personalized Books for Boys, Girls, Teens and Adults -- Early Holiday Shopping!


Disclosure: In The Book sent me these three personalized books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

This year everything seems weird. I know many products are delayed quite a bit lately if they are not American made. I always begin my holiday shopping early and have begun quite a bit of it. One of my favorite things to give kids is personalized books. Kids love seeing their names and photos in books. This year In The Book Published by Signature reached out to see if I would be interested in doing a review. I checked out their site and was very interested. They have something for everyone!! There are books for boys and girls of all ages. There are books for teens and sport lovers. There are even books for adults including newlyweds!! I love the personalized anniversary books. A friend gave me an anniversary book at my bridal shower. We love it. Having it personalized would be even more special!

I decided to get a book for friends' kids and one for Hazel. They have a Disney license so we picked out a Marvel book for my friend's 8-year-old son, Ben, who loves superheroes.

Now Ben's name is throughout the book as if he is witnessing the story firsthand.

I know Ben is going to love this book. Plus I hope it will get him to enjoy reading a little more. 

For Hazel's godparents youngest (4-year-old) daughter we got her a personalized Frozen book. She loves Disney princesses and especially loves Frozen. 

Her last birthday party was Frozen themed so I know Lily will love this book. Again she is part of the story and the story is a summary of the original Frozen Movie. They have books for the different Frozen movies and shorts too!

Now both books end with a photo that I uploaded of the child the book is for. Here is Lily's. I love how the books end with "I hope you enjoyed this book, child's name."

Although Hazel still loves Disney princesses we both know that a personalized princess book would be a waste on her. I looked to see what they offered for teenagers even though she is only 11. I loved the idea of a personalized adult coloring book. She has had a personalized coloring book before but it was for a younger child. I think she is going to love this one.

I love that the book is hardcovered and the pages are a good quality and thick. They are double-sided but the thickness seems to be good enough not to have bleeding. Now the book is personalized by having her name in many of the pictures to color. Sometimes the name is just stuck in there and other times it is part of the picture like a license plate.

All of the books have a dedication on the title page. I love how they adjust the font of the personalized message to the fonts used on the page.

I love the quality of these books and that the Disney themed books are of the real characters and pictures. They do have non-Disney kid books as well. I am so happy to have these gifts bought and able to put them away for the holidays. As I was thinking of activities to go with personalized books I thought about name recognition. I asked my blog friends for some name recognition crafts and activities. They of course came through! I do find the personalized books help with name recognition, but add in some of these activities and crafts and you will be set. Oh, and there are even a few for the older kids.

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