Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers -- Crafty Sundays Review


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September is National Sewing Month. I have been sewing away this past week. I had to make some more masks for Hazel to take to school and I have been working on a quilt. The quilt instructions I found in Sensational Quilt for Scrap Lovers by Judith Gauthier.

This book offers eleven projects using scraps. The book uses 3.5-, 4.5-, and 5.5-inch squares as the start of the projects. The book first starts by talking about scraps as well as color. There is also a section talking about working with curves since on of the quilts includes one with circles.

The instructions are easy to follow. The details are there and there are plenty of photos in the instructions as well as sample quilts. I decided to try Fractured Four-Patch.

I however wanted to change the colors for mine. Now a few years ago my parents moved into a condominium and my mother had to downsize her fabric collection. I "inherited" a lot of her fabric including some 5-inch squares as well as varying size strips. I have fabric to make scrap quilts every which way. You will be seeing many in the future. Fractured Four-Patch called for 5.5-inch squares but I decided to make it with 5-inch squares since I have so many. This is my collection after I took out what I needed for the quilt.

Now I looked at the sample quilt and thought I don't want yellow and green but pink and purple with the blue. Since I was using smaller squares I need to add a column and a half row to make my quilt big enough. I adjusted and resketched it out. Then I got to work. So far I have a one row finished and the start of the other pieces for the other rows.

I love how the pattern has more diamonds built into it. I lay a few extra parts of the quilt around my row to show you.

I have to get back to my sewing machine to finish this quilt. I think it will go on Hazel's bed when I'm done. She has a full sized mattress. I love the different options of quilts in this book. I do wish she would use the 5-inch squares that can be bought as precut charms, but with a few adjustments you can use them. I hope you will check out this fun book. It is perfect for anyone who has scraps they want to use up!