Picture Books about Night and Sleep

Disclosure: I was sent these books free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Tonight I am going to share some new picture books about sleep and nighttime. Are your kids afraid of nighttime darkness? Or perhaps they just do not like going to sleep? These books are perfect for you then! Our first book is Time Now to Dream by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. 

This sweet book has a sister and little brother playing outside when they hear a strange noise in the woods. Jack is worried that it could be something like the Wicked Wolf, but Alice wants to see what it is, so they adventure deep into the woods to find a wolf mother singing lullabies to her babies. Then Alice and Jack return home to go to bed. I found this to be just a fun story with beautiful illustrations. The pictures remind me of older books and a simpler time. 
I also love the fact that the message is that things that make us scared are often something explainable if you take the time and have the courage to face them. 

Our next book takes place in a city apartment building. It is Noisy Night by Mac Barnett and pictures by Brian Briggs.  From the basement to the roof the residents are wondering what is making a noise over their heads. What can be making the "La la la" or the "Haw haw haw" noises. This book is fun and shows how the noise can travel or the cause and effect of actions. Each person or animal making a noise is then wondering about the next noise--or at least until the book gets to the old man yelling "Go to bed!" 

The pictures are colorful and show a bit of the various floors and wonder of the story. It is a fun book to check out.

Our next book is Go Sleep in Your Own Bed by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Lori Nichols. It is bedtime on the farm. There is only one problem--the cow is in the pigsty. When the pig kicks her out she finds a hen in her stall and the chain continues until the dog finds a cat in his doghouse, but the cat then gets an offer she cannot refuse. This book is just fun and a reminder to sleep in your own spot. It is very humorous and will have you laughing a bit before bedtime!

Our next book takes us to Thailand and teaches a bit about the Argus pheasant. It is Little Lek Longtail Learns to Sleep by Bette Killion and illustratd by Beatriz Vidal. During the day Little Lek with his long beautiful tail loved walking around and seeing his friends. He was always kind and thoughtful so he was well liked, but at night the tigers and panthers were out and Lek was afraid. Over time he begins to watch how other animals used their talents to help themselves and realized he could use his long tail to help him sleep more soundly. 

The illustrations in this book are beautiful and full of color. The story itself teaches a bit about the wildlife of Thailand. It is a wonderful story about learning to help yourself to get over a fear. In the back of the book there is information about the Argus pheasant. It is so full of information and beauty.

Our final book tonight is about a couple of kids who get left at the zoo after a field trip with their class. During the day the kids did not see any of the animals, but as midnight approaches the zoo comes alive. The kids get to witness the fun the animals have at night. The flamingos are in the fountains. All the animals they did not see during the day are up to something during the night. The kids find a place to cuddle with animals and sleep until their mother finds them in the morning. They try to share their magical experience, but they are not believed. This book is a fun book about what kids might imagine could happen at a zoo during the night. It goes along with the imagination of having your toys come to life when you are not around. It is sweet and the illustrations are colorful and fun. 

I can say we enjoyed all of these books. They are for younger kids, but are fun and perfect for bedtime stories!! I hope you will check them out.