Choosing a Bible -- Bible Reviews

Disclosure: I was sent these books free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Hazel is getting old enough that the story Bibles are a bit young for her. She wants to be able to look up scripture. It is time for a new Bible. How do I choose one? Well I was able to get two different types of kids' Bibles as well as a journaling Bible (which I am going to keep for myself). I am going to share all three with you today. The first Bible is the ICB Blessed Garden Bible from Tommy Nelson. 

This Bible is beautiful. It is perfect for elementary aged girls. It is ICB or International Children's Bible, so the wording is written for children to be able to read and understand. This Bible goes even further though. It has beautiful garden scenes on special pages like this presentation page.

It also has a place to record family and a page explaining why read the Bible. Then there are four pages of Bible Time Line.
The scriptures come next. Within the books there are two spots of special pages. These pages are glossy and in color. The first one includes things like How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me?, Bible Verses to Know, My Favorite Bible Verses, and Knowing Jesus Better. 
The second insert has How Do I Pray?, How Do I Forgive?, How Can I Let God's Love Shine Through Me?, and How Do I Study the Bible?.

At the end of the book there are special pages that list the Names of God, The Miracles of Jesus, The Disciples, and Kids in the Bible. Then there are maps including possible routes of Abraham's Journey, the Desert Wanderings, Jesus' Last Week in Jerusalem, and Palestine in Jesus' Life. 
This Bible is beautiful and Hazel really loves it. I actually find it in her bed often because she has been reading it on her own! 

The next Bible is NIV Kids' Visual Study Bible from Zondervan.  This Bible is NIV or New International Version. This is often the version I go to when I am quoting or reading the Bible. It is not as easy to read as the ICB, but it is still easy enough for Hazel and this version has many extras to help explain the words and stories. At the beginning of each book there is information about the book including who wrote it, important stories and more.

This Bible also has full color pictures and photographs as well as charts, maps and more throughout it. Each page also has notes about various verses in the margins. The notes help explain what is happening in the verse.

At the end of this Bible there is a Table of Weights and Measures! Ok, maybe it is the math teacher in me, but I LOVE this. I often wonder what the Biblical measurements mean. A great way to integrate math in Bible studies would be to have kids use the table to convert them into today's measurements.

There are also several maps. There is the World of Patriarchs, Exodus and Conquest of Canaan, Land of the Twelve Tribes, Assyrian and Babylonian Empires, Jesus' Ministry, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus, Apostles' Early Travels, Paul's Missionary Journeys, and Roman Empire. 

Hazel really likes the notes and pictures in this one. It is full of information and makes it easier for a child to understand the Bible. Plus it has some of the historical background that helps with understanding what is happening. We actually like both of these Bibles for different reasons and Hazel wants to keep and use both of them for different times. 

Our final Bible is a journaling Bible that I wanted for myself. However when Hazel saw it she wanted it. I told her we couldn't share this one since it is a journal. She is hoping I will get one for her. This Bible is Praise: a Creative Journaling Bible illustrated by Laura Elizabeth Marshall. It is the King James Version so the language can be a bit tougher to understand, but it is that Old English that so many of us remember from our childhoods. This Bible is a full version and has lots of places to make notes and to color. The inside covers are full of flowers to color in as is the dedication page.

Now I will admit I have not had much time to really sit down and read and enjoy this Bible. I have however started coloring a few of the pages and cannot wait to have a bit more free time. (My part-time job has been feeling a bit more like full time lately.) There are cover pages for the Old and New Testaments that can be colored.

I have been using colored pencils to color since the pages are so thin like most Bibles. I may try some pens though as well. Each book also has a picture to cover on its first pages. I made sure to color in the Book of Esther so Hazel wouldn't try since it is her favorite book in the Bible. 
All of the pages of scripture have lines for notes with some pictures on every few.

I just love having a place to make notes and to color while reading God's word. What kind of Bible do you read? What about your kids? I hope you will check these great ones out!!