Mother Daughter Religion Party

Disclosure: Oriental Trading sent me these items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you look for ways to help your daughter grow in her relationship with God? Several years ago I found Just Mom and Me Having Tea by Mary Murray.
I have wanted to do it with Hazel and thought about having friends do it with us. I decided to finally plan one. Hazel and I checked out Oriental Trading's religious page to see what fun things we could use with the first chapter. The first chapter is God Made Me Special, so we looked for things that were either garden themed (since we wanted a garden tea party) and about our how God created us and loves us. 

When guest arrived we had them pick a Peanuts Inspirational Sticker to wear and we put them on the favor bags. Speaking of favors we got Camp Courage Pencils, Cross Pencil Sharpeners, and Jesus Erases Our Sins Erasers for inside our favor bags. We let the guests pick the color of the pencil sharpener and eraser and gave them one of each pencil. What a great way to start the school year with reminders of how Jesus cares for you.

The first activity was to color your own cup. We got Color Your Own Religious Valentine Cups with Straws. The cups were easy to color and put together. Our only complaint was how small they are. They required several refills.

Since they were Valentine Cups they were perfect for reminding us that Jesus loves us. Some said "Jesus 💜's Me" and Jesus has my 💜". Perfect for our theme.

Once we finished our cups and got beverages we did a little introduction and read Psalm 139. Hazel read it from her ICB Blessed Garden Bible. Then each mother and daughter did one of the activities from the books to share thoughts about what we like and dislike about ourselves and show God how we appreciate the gifts he has given us.

Our next craft was a prayer box. Perfect for keeping our own prayers for ourselves and others. We used the Prayer Box Craft Kit. We liked that it had rainbows on it as well as Psalm 17:6. These were very easy to do but you do need glue. It got a bit messy. I wish the foam pieces were self-adhesive, but it wasn't really a big deal. 

After the craft we read a story from the book called "Different and Beautiful". Then we did two crafts. The first is 3D Growing in His Word Tulip Craft. This is a very simple craft and it took about a minute to make them. They however were perfect for our garden theme!
We also made Color Your Own Good News Butterflies. Again it went with our garden theme, but I also like to label the picture "Different and Beautiful." 

They come with the antennae and a string to be able to hang them. Some of the girls did not bother with one or both of these though. I love how each one is done so differently and how beautiful they are together. Glue is needed to form the butterfly into 3D and add the string and antennae. 

Our plan was to do two more activities from the book, but we started rather late so we skipped these and sent them home with the moms and daughters and did the "Footprints" Cross Craft which I will admit is our favorite of the crafts. I pulled out the Colored Clamrose Sea Shells to add even more color to these fun crosses. Hazel is going to make the extras of these crafts for her teacher gifts this year!

For this craft glue is needed for the sand and shells. All the foam and the wood are self-adhesive. 

To complete our garden theme we used Garden Party Dinner Napkins and Dessert Plates. They are so beautiful!! We got two packages of the plates and will definitely be using them again. We love them!!

We had so much fun hosting this Mother Daughter Religious Tea Party. The second chapter is on friendship. I have already been checking out some great things to use from Oriental Trading to do this one as well. Stay tuned!! Maybe we will share it some time.