Maps, Culture, Cities & Towns -- Children's Book Reviews & Giveaway!!

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

 Today I am sharing some books that have various lessons around the theme of maps, culture, cities and towns. These books range for which ages they are good. We will start with Mapping My Day by Julie Dillemuth and illustrated by Laura Wood. This book is being released next week and I have an opportunity for one of you to win a copy of it!! See below.
This book is to help children learn about maps. Flora goes through her day drawing maps of everything!! It introduces cardinal directions, symbols, landmarks, scales, legends, routes, compass rose, and more!! It is done in a very fun way and has activities pages in the end to help with the lessons as well as parent/caregiver information. The activity pages are also available as a download here. This book is so informative and really helps young ones get more comfortable with maps from reading to drawing and more. I love it!! Now you can enter to win a chance to win your own copy (US residents only). Please follow my giveaway rules. Good luck!! Or if you don't want to take a chance go pre-order your copy today!!
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Our next book is a fun multilingual and multicultural book. It is The Hello Atlas by Ben Handicott and illustrated by Kenard Pak.

 This fun book takes the reader around the world to visit children in different countries. It introduces languages from all over the world. And there is a downloadable app so you can hear the correct pronunciation of them!! The sections of the book visit each continent and has a map of the continent with pictures of the children and the language spoken in their country. It introduces words and sayings that one would use to greet someone. It has things like hello, what is your name, good day, pleased to meet you and more! The pictures are fun and show a bit of culture for each place. What a fun book to explore the differences and similarities of kids around the world and introduce so many cultures at once.
Along those same lines is our next book, City Atlas: Travel the World with 30 City Maps by Georgia Cherry and illustrated by Martin Haake. This book shares information and handdrawn maps of cities around the world including Lisbon, Budapest, Cape Town, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, New York and more!! It has the basic information about the city including the country, language and population as well as the country's flag. There are also hidden pictures to find on each page so it is a fun introduction. There are things to see and lots about the culture of each city. It is a fun book to use to explore some of the big cities of the world.
 Our final book is a board book and is the newest released book in the Tinyville Town series. This book introduces the librarian, it is Tinyville Town: I'm a Librarian by Brian Briggs. This series helps younger kids learn about community members and how a town works together. This one introduces the role of a librarian as someone who likes to help others. It is cute and a fun series.

I hope you will check out these great books and good luck with my giveaway!!