Books about Home

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

After spending a fun snow day at home with Hazel, I think it is appropriate to share some fun books about homes. We will start with The Road Home by Katie Cotton and illustrated by Sarah Jacoby.
 In this beautiful book we watch an adult and a child of various animals (bird, mouse, wolf and rabbit) on the long road home. The birds are flying; the mice are building a home; the wolves are hunting and the rabbits are escaping. The words are rhyming and the overall theme of the story is that home is where we are together. The reader imagines that the adult animal is a parent or caregiver of the child. It is really a sweet book and perfect for reading before bedtime. The pictures are absolutely amazing--so colorful and sweet.

 Our next book is How to Build a House: A Colossal Adventure of Construction, Teamwork, and Friendship written by Saskia Lacey and illustrated by Martin Sodomka.

 Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a house? This story explains it in a very fun way. Eli, the mouse, comes up with the idea of building a house for himself and his friends to live. His friends are mice, a bird, and a frog. The story goes through the struggle of building a house for all the different needs of these animals and also goes into the specifics of building a house. There are things like blueprints, symmetry, scale, proportions in the planning period. Then it goes into the technicalities of the construction like the foundation and the walls. Then they add the electrical, heat, and finally decorate. It gives so much information about the technicalities of building a house at a third grade level as well as a story about thinking about others and working together. There is math and science throughout the story as well as the social lessons on friendship and more. It is really a neat book and perfect for the young engineers or the curious kids who always ask about how things are done.
 Our final book is Me, All Alone, at the End of the World by M.T. Anderson and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. This is the story of a boy who lives in a shack at the end of the world. He enjoys the quiet and beauty of the nature around him. Then one day Mr. Shimmer, professional visionary shows up. He decides to give magical tours of the end of the world and keeps building resorts to allow people to have fun all the time. The boy becomes friends with some of the kids from the city that vacation there, but he begins to miss the beauty and quiet he knew previously. Eventually he moves to a new remote location. He finds ways to stay in contact with his friends but now at the Top of the World he has the freedom of being alone and enjoying his life and the nature around him. 

 This story is so fun and reminds us to enjoy the quiet times and not always need to be on the go. There is always something important about being alone and finding contentment in the time alone. This book has those messages and more. I really enjoyed it.

We enjoyed these three books that send messages about home. They each have different messages from home being with family, to having freedom and the technicalities of building a home. Each is a different story and not one that I have read or heard previously. I hope you will check them out!