The Little Christmas Tree -- Book Review & Craft

 Disclosure: Kregel Publications sent me a copy of this book free of charge for this review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation.  As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week. Christmas is just around the corner. Today we get to share a book that is being added to our must read every year list for Christmas. These are books that bring the Christmas story and season alive. The Little Christmas Tree by Andrea Skevington and illustrated by Lorna Hussey is a definite must read. When we read it again last night Hazel commented on how she LOVES this story.

This story tells of a cold and stormy night. The trees in the forest dance and scare the animals even more than the harsh wind all except the little fir tree. She sings the animals lullabies and wipes away the tears of the scared little rabbit. She protects them all from the storm. When the angels sing about the new baby's birth in a stable that night some of the stars/lights from their dresses fall and come magically to the forest. All the big trees try to catch them and are sure they will want to be on them, but they go to the little fir tree and decorate her since she was the one who showed love to the animals.

It is such a sweet story and Hazel and I started discussing who she would be in the story. It was a wonderful discussion showing emotion and empathy. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and full of the feelings of the storm and animals. We love the sparkles for the stars as well. 

To go with this book we made a three-dimensional tree. We left our trees plain, but could easily decorate them or hang mini lights on them. A string could be added to make it an ornament as well.

 Supplies are a tree punch, a green piece of cardstock, glue, a base (either punched as a circle or scalloped edged), and double sided tape. If your base is a glitter paper like mine you will need super tacky tape. (It is the only thing that sticks to glitter). 

 Punch three trees from the green cardstock. I used an A2 (4 1/4" by 5 1/2" flat card in spruce. The punch is the EK Tools Large Christmas Tree Hole Punch. (I am providing these links for your convenience and do not receive anything from you purchasing them from there. Some items are available elsewhere as well, but this is where I got mine.)

Next fold two of the trees in half. The third will stay flat. This can be done with only two trees, but I think three makes it more stable and is easier for kids.
Take one of the folded trees and apply glue to one half of one side. Then glue it to the non-folded side trying to match up the shape as best as you can. Do the same for the other folded tree on the opposite side of the non-folded tree. This will make the three-dimensional tree.

Put a small piece of double-sided tape in the center of your base. You could also use a hot glue gun for this. Remove the protective layer if your tape has one (super tacky tape does).

Stick the tree to the tape so it is standing up straight. Now decorate or add string as you wish.

Aren't they cute and easy? It is the perfect craft to go with this sweet story!!

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