Crafty Weekends: Half Yard Christmas Review & Craft Link Party

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review free of charge from Search Press. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

For this weekend's Crafty Weekend we are sharing the start of our Christmas crafts. Today I am sharing ones I made with instructions and patterns from Half Yard Christmas by Debbie Shore. We started sharing our Christmas posts this week so you will have time to get and enjoy some of the great finds we have made this year.

This book is divided into various themes of projects: Rustic Christmas, Scandinavian Christmas, Traditional Christmas, Monochrome Christmas, Kids' Christmas and Contemporary Christmas. Each theme has between four to seven projects in it. There are even suggestions for changes to make some projects a bit differently.

I decided to find some ornaments to make since I am participating in an international ornament swap with members of Multicultural Kid Blogs. Hazel and I picked out a cute rabbit ornament at the store for the exchange, but I thought it would be fun to include a homemade one as well.

I started by making Ball Decorations from the Traditional Christmas section. The hardest part of these was the stuffing since the openings are so small on the bottom. I made three of them, but have not sewn the other two up yet. (I know Hazel will want to keep one of them for us.) These ornaments remind me of a patchwork quilt, so I felt like it was a good representation of me. Next I made the Stocking Decorations also from the Traditional Christmas section.

Hazel of course wants the one with the cats on it. I hung them on her tree for pictures, but we also realized that they are the perfect size for her dolls.

So I had her doll, Chrysanthemum, hold it up for us like she was getting ready to hang it. It is a bit too early still, but at least she knows where her stocking is now. I think I will be making some more of these for the rest of her dolls. They are very quick and easy as well.

The final project that I have made so far from this book is a fabric poinsettia. It is from the Table Centerpiece project in the Monochrome Christmas section. In her side note Debbie Shore suggests making a single flower using red instead of the black and white and making it into a poinsettia. It would be perfect for the top of a gift.

Of course we also realized it was doll size as well. I used the pipe cleaner stem to wrap it around Chrysanthemum's hand.
We are going to have fun with these projects and many of the other ones in the books. There are patterns for boxes, chair covers, Santa hats and so much more!! It really has everything you might need for your Christmas celebration and the instructions are easy to follow and the projects are relatively quick to make. I can honestly say this book is a great craft book and has many creative ideas in it.

Crafty Weekends Link Party

We had a fun party last week with some amazing crafts shared!! It was larger than ever. With computer graphics, sewing, knitting, painting and so much more!  Sharing Saturday (anything kid oriented) is also going on. Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop will start tomorrow for this month. It is the place to share anything multicultural.  
Thank you to everyone who shared with us at last week's party!! It was fun to see what people have been making and I hope you enjoy these features. Remember these are just a sampling of the wonderful ideas shared last week.

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