Easy Spa Wrap for Dolls from a Washcloth

Today I picked up a pack of eight washcloths for $3.99 at KMart. I had seen spa wraps for 18-inch dolls all over the place and thought those are easy to make and relatively cheap with these washcloths. To make a wrap you need one or two washcloths depending on size of washcloth and doll. small piece of Velcro and two small pieces of ribbon. Since Hazel's dolls just missed being able to use one washcloth (except the BFC one) I used two and made a white stripe in both of the ones I made for the chubbier dolls. To do this, I cut a white washcloth in half and then sewed it with right sides together to the main washcloth.

Then I folded the white so it would add a few inches to the wrap and sewed the end of the white near the seam.


Next I checked the size on the doll and pinned where I wanted to sew the Velcro.

After sewing on the pieces of Velcro which I cut in half lengthwise so it would not be so wide on the doll clothes, I checked on the doll again for the placement of the straps (and the length). I pinned them and sewed them into place. Then the doll is ready for the spa!

The BFC doll's wrap was even easier since I did not have to add the white stripe. I just sewed the Velcro and straps on to it.

Now three of the four dolls are ready for a spa day or a beach day. I will make the fourth one as well. Maybe I should make myself one and just go to the spa.

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