DIY No Sew Doll Purse

Sorry for being a bit sporadic this week. For the first time in our almost eight years of marriage I have gotten the house to myself for a couple of days. The main reason is for me to organize my extremely messy and useless craft room. Well, I got a good start on it!!

Today I wanted to share a simple way to make an 18-inch doll a purse. I was inspired by the tutorial over at Doll It Up: Make a Doll Purse Out of a Coin Pouch. I had bought a coin pouch at Rite Aid from the $1 bin, but I hadn't gotten around to making it like the one over at Doll It Up. Then when we were at Michaels the other day I saw this adorable panda head coin pouch on clearance for under $1 and knew it would make a perfect one. Hazel has been really into pandas lately.

To make it all I did was measure a piece of red ribbon so it would hang on the doll the way I wanted it to. I cut the ribbon a little long so I could fold the ends in and cover them. I glued the ends down and then glued the handle back over the end. I didn't want to try to sew the vinyl or whatever the coin pouch is made of. After the glue dried it was ready for Hazel (the doll) to use.
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