DIY Doll Panties from Onesies And Inserting Elastic Tutorial

A few weeks ago I showed you how we made doll t-shirts from newborn onesies. Well one  of the things that really bothers me is dolls with no panties and naked dolls. (I hated the stage where we would find naked dolls all over the house. I'm so glad she outgrew that one.) I wanted to buy some panties for Hazel's dolls but was shocked at the prices. I hadn't gotten around to finding a good pattern to make any. Then I saw the bottoms of the newborn onsies that I had used for t-shirts and thought those could be panties. They are pretty easy to make and work as panties. They are not perfect, but since I already had the onesies they are free. So if you have already cut the onesies for a t-shirt you take the bottom and cut the snaps off. I just cut the cuff part off. Then you sew a seam there with right sides together. Next finish the waist seam with a zigzag or rolling seam and fold it down twice so you can fit 1/4-inch elastic through. Sew at the bottom leaving an opening for the elastic.
Next measure the elastic to the dolls waist (American Girl dolls are 10 1/2 inches) and it does not have to be perfect as long as it is not too big. Attach a safety pin to one end and insert the pin through the hole you left in the casing.
Move the safety pin around the casing pulling the elastic through, but make sure you leave a tail of elastic at the opening or you will have to start over. Once all the way around you will have both ends sticking out the opening.
Sew the two ends together to form a loop. Then stick the ends into the casing.
Then stitch the casing closed in the spot that was opened. Turn right side out and you have a pair of doll panties!
And they match one of the doll's t-shirts for perfect underwear combination or pajamas!
I made some for each doll. On the plain white pair I added a little lace to dress them up.
Now I hopefully won't find naked dolls. They can at least have their panties on!

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