Winter Crafts Round-Up

I had so many incomplete ideas for my post today. Since they were all incomplete, I considered just not posting, but then I remembered I wanted to do a winter round-up since so many of you have not been following since 2011 when we began. So here it is, our past winter activities, crafts and books and a movie. Enjoy!!

Outdoor Snow Activities
1) The Snowy Day Activity
2) Painted Snow Cave
3) Snow Angel
4) Snow Painting
5) Snowman
6) Snowball Fight
7) Sled
8) Snow Mountain Sledding
9) Warm Up with Hot Chocolate

Snowflakes and Snow Crafts
1) Marshmallow Snowflakes
2) Craft Stick Snowflakes
3) Paper Snowflakes
4) 3-D Paper Snowflakes
5) Resist Painting Snowflakes
6) Crayon Snowflakes
7) Indoor Snowballs
8) Paper Snow Angel Chains
9) Snowflake Candle Holders
10) Felt Snowflake
Felt Snowflake
11) Coffee Filter Snowflakes as a Craft for Finland Exploration
Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Winter Crafts and Activities and Snowmen Crafts
Trinity Snowman
 Books & DVD:

The Snowman and the Snowdog DVD
How Robin Saved Spring by Debbie Ouellet

Collections of Books
Then some collages of books shared on posts. Click on picture to go to original post!
Snow and Winter Books

Winter Solstice Books
 Winter Books
Winter Craft Books