For the Love of Geometry: Math Lessons at Crafty Moms Share

It has been awhile since I did a Math Lessons post. Here is one for older children that can be adapted for any who can read and write and know a bit of geometry. It is a seasonal one for Valentine's Day. I used it in my high school geometry class for several years. It is also a nice crossover to writing and English classes. I gave the students a list of vocabulary words from the geometry book glossary. Some of the words we had learned and some would be taught later in the year. They had to write love poems or odes using some of the words. For some classes I gave a certain number of words to use and in others I graded based on how many were used. Click on the picture to go to get a Word version of the page.

To give you some ideas of what can be done here are two I came up with quickly. I always encouraged the kids to make them look like Valentines. I actually would hang them around the door to decorate for the holiday.

Enjoy!! And have fun with it!