Snow, Snowflakes Crafts and Books

Hazel is so fascinated with snow. Last week we got close to two feet, but most of it melted and then it got bitter cold. Today feels warm and it is in the 30's. Unfortunately Hazel has been sick since Christmas and has not gotten to play too much in the snow. She keeps asking me, "What is snow?" My broad answers have not been enough, so I found a book at the library to help us understand it better, The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonders by Mark Cassino with Jon Nelson, Ph.D.

This book explains the science behind snow and has amazing photographs!! In the end it gives an activity of collecting and looking at snowflakes with hints on catching them.
The One I Made

While shopping I noticed some snowflake tealight holders on the clearance rack for post-Christmas. I bought a couple and went back and bought some more for gifts. Hazel and I decorated them with glitter glue and gem stickers (which I also got on clearance for post-Christmas). 

First we put glitter glue on them and left them to dry. Then we added the stickers. Then Hazel had fun with the other four I bought.
Hazel's First Two

The Rest of Hazel's
Both of Hazel's grandmother's birthdays are coming up,so I figured these could make nice gifts for them. Maybe we will give her teachers one each as well. For 50 cents each, not bad gifts. Here is how mine looks with a battery candle.

We also took Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story by David A. Johnson out of the library. It is a wonderful book just with the sounds you might hear during a snow storm. The plows, the shovels, the school bus coming, etc.

Then some other fun snow books from our bookshelf:

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