Product Review--GE Reveal Light Bulbs

Disclosure: I was sent these books digitally to review free of charge from GE Reveal. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

I was sent a package of four 75 watt GE Reveal light bulbs to review. Now the truth be told, since Steve is an electrical engineer, I tend to leave light bulbs up to him. However, we both agree that we do not like the compact florescent bulbs since they have mercury in them. We don't want to add extra dangerous materials into our home. So my first question about this review was what type of light bulb am I getting. They have a halogen technology inside instead of the florescent bulbs. 

Now that I have my package I needed to decide where to try them. First I tried them in my bedroom. I love to read in bed, but hate having the overhead light on since it shines in my eyes. So I added one to the lamp on my bedside table. Now here it is really important that the light bulb not be the kind that contain mercury. Our dear cat, Fluffy, likes to check out my lamp and often knocks it off the table. We have had some broken light bulbs as a result.

You can see how the light is brighter and cleaner. I am rather excited to try it out tonight with the new novel I took out of the library today.

The other three light bulbs I decided to use in my overhead light in what we call our computer room. This is a room that is an interior room with access to windows being a room away. When I first moved in there was no overhead light in this room, but when we did our updating a few years ago and we had them remove the meringue or plaster of our ceilings (and it really did look like meringue) I had them add an overhead light. I picked one out that I thought was pretty and Steve would like. However, the light has been a nightmare because one or two of the bulbs constantly are burning out almost immediately. However when I added the GE Reveal bulbs a couple of days ago, and they are still going strong (this is a record).

In these pictures you really can see how the light is whiter and more clean. Now I get to really enjoy my light. A total success in my book!

Now you may be wondering where you can purchase these amazing light bulbs. Target has them and they are offering a discount on them with their Cartwheel app. Now I do not have a smart phone or any device to download apps so I could not review it, but it sounds pretty neat. You download it and can scan an item at Target to see if there are any coupons or deals on that item. Here is the information and links to the app as well as a coupon for more savings or for people like me.

Check out Target’s Cartwheel app for 25% off GE reveal® light bulbs. Just search “GE reveal” to find it. Offer expires 2/28.  (Download Cartwheel on your IOS or Android.)

You can also print and use the following coupon for even more savings:
$2 off GE reveal at Target -  Expires 2/8

So where do you need to do a lighting makeover?