Virtual Book Club for Kids: Mixed Up Fairy Tales by Nick Sharratt

This month the author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Nick Sharratt. We have really enjoyed his books. He has quite a range of books and then even more that he has illustrated. You can learn a little more about Nick Sharratt on his website.

For those that do not know about the Virtual Book Club for Kids, I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers who each month have one author that we all choose a book written by and do an activity or craft to go with it. Then we post about it and host a blog hop so you can join us in the fun. You can either add your own post about a book by the author of the month (this month it is Nick Sharratt) or you can learn about the books by that author by checking out all the great posts shared. The wonderful group of bloggers who host this club are:
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This month we chose Mixed Up Fairy Tales by Hillary Robinson and Nick Sharratt. Hazel loves this book!! The book has part of many fairy tales on strips with an accompanying picture. You can turn the picture to have Cinderella going to Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother's house and climbing the beanstalk. It is so much fun. In the picture below Hazel was reading it herself by making up the stories and then telling them to me by looking at the pictures. This was even more entertaining than reading the words.
The one thing Hazel did not like is that it was missing The Three Little Pigs, so a few of our activities focused on them. The first thing we did was pull out Hazel's story stones. We made some new ones with Disney princess stickers.
We had not used her story stones in quite awhile, so we had a great time making up stories. Hazel wanted all the princesses in her stories.

For our next activity I made up strips of sentences or parts of sentences from The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella. I also threw in some entertaining options. We mixed them up and pulled them to tell a story. Mostly it did not make sense, but it was a lot of fun. Hazel really got a kick out of one of the pigs building his house out of sunflowers or the wolf asking to throw a tea party. If you would like our strips, you can get them here.

Our final activity was a "Mad Lib" kind of activity. I wrote the story of the Three Little Pigs and put blanks in with a description of what word would fit. I asked Hazel for the type of words and then read her the story. She LOVED this!! Here is our story with the blanks if you want to try it. Our story became:

Once upon a time there were three little elephants that were ready to go out on their own. They said goodby to their mother and started on their way. The first thing they needed to do was build a door. The first little pig found some corn and built his house from that. The second little pig found some wood and built his house from that. The third little pig found a broken down brick building and used them to build his house.

After all the houses were built the three little pigs went out to play. One day they found unicorn tracks nearby and they each ran to their own house and locked the floor.

Soon enough the wolf came around and went to the first house. He said, "Little Pig, little pig. Let me do a cartwheel."

The pig replied, "No, no, no not by the hair of my chinny-chin-arms."

The wolf said, "Then I'll huff and I'll huff your solar butterfly down." So the wolf huffed and puffed the house down and the first little pig somersaulted to his brother's house.

The wolf followed him there and said, "Little pigs, little pigs. Let me throw a tea party."

The pigs replied, "No, no, no, not by the legs of my chinny-chin-chin."

"Then I'll chuff and I'll puff your house down." So the wolf huffed and puffed the house down and the two little pigs skipped to their brother's house.

The wolf followed them there and said, "Little pigs, little pigs. Let me jump."

The pigs replied, "No, no, no, not by the feet of my chinny-chin-chin."

"Then I'll enough and I'll puff your house down." So the wolf huffed and puffed by could not blow the stone house down.

So those are Mixed Up Fairy Tales activities. Now it is your turn. Have you read a Nick Sharratt book and done something fun with it? Here is your chance to share it. If you haven't, check out the great books and activities posted by others. Enjoy!! (Blog hop starts at midnight!!)