Baby Moses Books and Craft

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Last week in Sunday School, Hazel learned about Baby Moses. After our fun with Noah's Ark, she asked to hear more about Baby Moses and about Moses. There are not as many picture books on Baby Moses or Moses for that matter as there is for Noah's Ark, but we found some at the library.

We are making our way through the books. We started with the ones that are just about Baby Moses. The Wee Sing book has a Baby Moses song in it. 

Hazel's Baby Moses Craft

They made a Baby Moses paper craft in their Sunday School class, but I wanted to find a fun one for us to do. I consulted my Baby Moses Pinterest Board for ideas. I found this cute one over at The Art of Being Mama: B is for Bears, Blueberries and Baby Moses. I had some walnuts around, so I cracked them for their shells. Then I found the small peg dolls I bought ages ago when I ordered a variety pack from Amazon and we went from there. Here are the supplies you need to make our Baby Moses craft and you need glue. I forgot to put it in the picture. Sorry!

 The first thing we did was to draw a face (I added some hair as well) on the doll and then wrap it with a scrap of fabric. We glued the fabric onto it and glued it into the walnut shell.

 Then I cut a circular shape from blue felt and some reeds from green felt. We glued the walnut shell to the blue felt and the reeds around it.
My Baby Moses Craft
 Here is a view from the side. I am thinking of adding a string or ribbon to put on Hazel's seasonal tree in her room.

I know her Sunday School class is going to continue with the Moses stories, so we will probably be doing some more as well soon! Plus we have more Noah's Ark crafts and books to do.