Some More Easter Crafts

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Now that St. Patrick's Day is past I am going to share some more of our Easter and Holy Week crafts. Both of these craft ideas came from Catholic Icing.

First I will share our Last Supper Craft. We actually brought this to church for use with the 3-5 year-old classroom when they talked about the Last Supper. When the minister saw it he said he would like to have it in the church for the Maudy Thursday Service. This is very easy to do since at Catholic Icing: Holy Thursday/Last Supper Craft you can print all the people and the table clothes, and just follow her tutorial. Hazel really enjoyed it and liked learning a bit more about the disciples. 
We also got the idea for a crown of thorns at Catholic Icing. Somewhere I saw that you could remove the toothpicks on the Saturday before Easter and make it an Easter wreath by adding flowers to it. We are planning on doing this. Plus we have been reading several stories about the robin and the thorn, which of course ties right into this. We had a lovely book out of the library, but I returned it without writing down the name. It told in a bit more detail the legend of the thorn and the robin. You can read an on-line version here.

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