Beaded Crosses

The other week when we pulled out the decorations, we had hung our four yarn eggs on our chandelier, but our chandelier has eight arms. I wanted to add some crosses to tie in the religious part of it. I thought about painting some wooden ones, but I couldn't find where I had stashed them, so we made some beaded ones. 
Hazel decided to make a necklace and bracelet as well. She decided we were working in our jewelry store making all of our special orders. Oh, and we had to sing a little song we made up about making the jewelry. First I will share a tutorial for our simple crosses. You need some beads (we used wooden ones) and a pipe cleaner.  Cut the pipe cleaner so it will make a cross (roughly 1/3 for the horizontal).
Then choose a bead to be the middle bead. I experimented a bit and found the flatter beads to work the best. Stick both pieces of pipe cleaner through the middle bead.

Then position the pipe cleaners to make the cross you want. You should have a little more on the top so you can make a loop to hang it.

Now start beading each branch of the cross. On the top one stop a little further from the end and bend it down to make a small loop so you can get a string through to hang it.
On the other branches you will just fold a short end over the last bead. Then it is ready to hang.
Hazel made this one!

These were the first ones, but I discovered the bigger center beads did not work as well.

We also made some jewelry. I made us each a St. Patrick's Day bracelet.
And I made us matching rainbow bracelets.

Then I used a rainbow pendant and made her a matching necklace.
Then she made a necklace and wanted me to make another necklace with another pendant bead.
Now she likes to accessorize herself with all of them.
She gets quite the comments going out like this. It makes her very happy though!


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  2. These are really cute!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
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  4. I really like this craft related to the meaning of Easter. Thanks so much for sharing it (I came by from Train Up a Child's Sunday Showcase). Hope this finds you well!

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  5. This was an inspiring post! We have pipe cleaners at home and this is a great use for them. Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday!
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  6. We love doing crafts with beads and pipe cleaners! Just pinned this to my Easter board :) Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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