Dress-Up Dresses Resized--A Quick Fix

I only buy Hazel Disney costumes when they are on clearance or sale (post-Halloween). We have most of the princesses dresses now, but she has outgrown some. I should add that dress could also be a nightgown that looks like a dress. I figure if it looks like it we might as well use it as a dress up. (See the Ariel dress for an example.)

Last week Hazel wanted to put on her Snow White dress, but it was too small (especially over clothes). Now a month ago or so, I bought a pattern to make princess dress up aprons. I loved the idea since she wouldn't outgrow them  so fast. I of course have not had the time to start them yet. But taking that idea, I cut the back seam of her Snow White dress and added in ribbons at the waist and a piece of elastic for the top. I also finished the edges with my serger. I should have used less elastic, but wanted to make sure it would be comfortable on her with clothes underneath.

Then of course she didn't want to dress like Snow White anymore and brought me her Ariel "dress" which if I remember correctly is a 2T and she in now a 4 to 5T. This was a bit different since it has side seams and the back was very fancy. I cut the side seam up to the bottom of the sleeve on one side and put two ribbons in.
Again I finished the edges on my serger. Now she can still wear these two dresses that she has outgrown. 
And best of all I didn't have to spend money on new ones. I had all the supplies I used so it was very easy to do and cheap (much better than buying on clearance for $10-$20 in a bigger size).
And of course by the time I finished both dresses, she had moved onto playing something else. Here is a wonderful picture of her dressed up. She said she was the minister and was very excited to go to church every day. I sent the picture to our minister and let him know I wasn't sure what she is trying to say about his style.
He thought it was great and she should sell minister costumes.

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  1. haha So does she resemble your minister in that picture lol Great idea for extending the years of wear!!

    Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope you join us again today!


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