Strawberry Heartish Muffins

Hazel and I are enjoying a snowy day today. Winter Storm Nemo has begun to hit New England. So far it is flurries, but they are saying it will be much worse. As a result everything is closed or closing early. All the schools, dance class, etc. They are even closing public transportation at 1 p.m. To entertain ourselves we decided to make some strawberry muffins. I looked on line to find a recipe, however I didn't find one I liked, so I combined a few and added my own twists and came up with this:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

We combined the dry ingredients in a large bowl and Hazel mixed it.

We beat the eggs and added the oil, milk and vanilla and Hazel beat that together. Then we poured it into the dry ingredients and mixed. Then we added the strawberries.

Then we scooped them into papers. A few things learned--if using liners, use foil!! I probably would not use liners with these next time. They stuck to the paper. We used liners because we wanted to try to make them heart shaped. (See below)

Now my goal was to make a pinkish muffin and to try the heart shaped muffin trick I saw on Pinterest using a marble. I figured they would be cute for Valentine's Day morning. However, I am going to stick to using my small heart silicone muffin pan next time. I did not like the marble trick at all.
I baked them for about 25 minutes and then took them out, but they were not quite done. I adjusted the marbles and put them in for another 5 minutes.
They are moist and tasty. However I would probably up the nutmeg in the recipe and might add some cinnamon. Hazel is excited to have them at her dance party that she is throwing for her baby dolls. Oh, it is going to be a fun few days without my dear husband. He is going to sleep at work tonight since the worst travel time would be when he would come home and go back. I hope you will join us for Sharing Saturday later tonight!

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  1. These muffins look delicious! Unfortunately, the marble trick has never worked for me either :(


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