Sharing Saturday 13-7

Thank you to everyone who shared last week!! There were so many wonderful ideas. If you have not had a chance to check them out, please go visit a few and leave some comment love (since we all love getting comments)! This week my co-host, Having Fun at Chelle's House has the most clicked and many sensory box features as well as a sensory box giveaway! Make sure you go check out her post as well!

My Features

So for my features this week I picked 8 ideas which each had a bit of a personal reason for me. Here they are.
1) From Ginx Craft: Little House on the Prairie (First I love that show, and second I love finding a use for old telephone books!!)
2) From Triple T Mum: Gelatin Heart Suncatchers (I love the idea of using gelatin!!)
3) From Happy Whimsical Hearts: Pigs (Ok, I love these and will have to make some once I finish my knitted farm playmat. I love that Kelly made them for hers. I'm still waiting to see a picture of her completed playmat!!)
4) From Learning and Growing the Piwi Way: Kids' Sewing Lesson--Teddy Bear Dresses (I have been playing with teaching Hazel to sew a bit, so I love seeing other ideas! I don't think she is quite ready for this, but will be soon.)
5) From We Made That: The Naked Egg Science Experiment (Yes, I really want to try this with Hazel!)
6) From Wesens-Art: Rotating Pencil (Ok, it might be the geometry teacher in me, but I love this activity and it is so easy and makes such neat designs!)
7) From Making Boys Men: Salt Painting (This might be because we did a fun painting activity this week, but I love this idea!)
8) From Play Trains!: DIY Felt Valentine Train (Oh, such a fun creative idea!! I know Hazel will love it!)

Thank you to everyone who shared last week!! If you were one of the ones picked as a feature here, please feel free to grab a featured button to display proudly on your blog.

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My Week in Review:
This week I shared our Chinese New Year Celebration, a Chinese Cinderella book and activities, peg doll animals, painting experiments and of course we had the blizzard so lots of shoveling and sledding. We still are catching up from the storm and that is why I have not been around too much oh and Steve's birthday and Valentine's Day!

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  1. Thanks so much for the party! Xo

  2. I know! I need to get my post about the playmat finished...! One of the reasons I haven't is because I was going to link to the other knitters and I've misplaced all the notes from them telling me their names and blogs {if they have them!} Will get to it :-)

  3. thanks so much for the feature!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring our Naked Egg Experiment. And thanks for hosting each week!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! I would love to have you stop by & link up to Share It Saturday, too :).

  6. Thank you for hosting!


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