Royal Clothespin Dolls

After making Hazel the peg doll fairies and animals, she wanted some princesses, princes, knights, king and queen to play with her castle playmat.  I decided to use clothespins since I had a bunch of them. We needed to glue buttons on the bottom so they could stand on the playmat. I decided to paint the males and I painted the tops of the females and added felt to be their skirts. I used wool roving for the females' hair. Some of which I even needle felted into place.
She has named each one. One is Princess Moonlight and there is Cinderella (in blue), and Princess Carrie. The men are named after her father, grandfather and first cousin. She is still deciding which are princes and guards.
Now she loves to make up stories about all her princesses. It keeps her busy for hours and then she puts on a show for us.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are so darling!! You are the coolest Mom ever! I bet she will treasure them forever. :)

  2. Your royal peg dolls turned out so cute!


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