Getting Ready for Easter with Peg Dolls

I like to give some non-candy items to Hazel in her Easter basket. Her grandmother (my mother-in-law) tends to give her a lot of candy and the truth is Steve and I end up eating most of it since Hazel eats healthy and is usually full after a bite or two of the candy. This year we are planning on getting her a book about Easter and I am making her some peg dolls. I made her a duck, bunny and chick for her basket.
Since her favorite toy is Ducky, we always seem to gravitate to ducks. This is my little duck that I made her.
An Easter basket is not complete without a bunny, so here is her pink and white bunny with a sparkly pom pom tail.
And of course we need a chick for her basket. Next maybe I'll make a lamb. I'm also going to maker her some spring flower fairies. I'll share those a different day though since they are not done.

What do you do for your child's Easter basket?


  1. These are great! I love this idea and I think my kids would go bonkers for them! Besides a little candy and some books/small toys, we usually do toothpaste, band aides, socks...and other seemingly boring stuff that they actually love. (And if we happen to forget one of those items, they ask why the Easter Bunny/Santa forgot)

  2. I just love that duck doll :) Great idea!

  3. These are awesome. They'd be great in an Easter basket.

    Thank you for visiting Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!

  4. This is pretty awesome! Love those cute peg dolls. They can be great Easter crafts for kids that m and my niece can try this coming Easter. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Easter xxxx


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