Trash Painting, tissue paper and more

We had a very crafty morning. We were waiting for the stores to open to go buy some supplies for our valentines for the Valentine Swap. Today is the last day to sign your kids up for it, so if you want them to do, please let me know.

Hazel was up early this morning and I really wasn't functioning well, so I kept her busy. First we made tissue paper stain glass hearts by having her arrange red, pink, purple and white tissue paper squares over clear contact paper. Then I covered hers with another sheet of clear contact paper and cut the hearts.  This was a project she could work on while I had my breakfast and gathered the next projects things.

While I was gathering I gave her some wooden hearts that I got at Michaels on clearance and some gem stickers. She decorated two of them for her aunts before she got bored. She still has several to do, but we will do them over time.

Then we did some melted crayon art. I chose to use the melt the tips and make dots method so we wouldn't waste all of her crayons. Though I did remove all the paper so they wouldn't be fire hazards. Hazel thought it was fun but got bored easily (or didn't like me telling her not to hold it so close to the flame and for so long). However we had fun doing it and she colored whenever she got bored. We did a nice circle and once it cooled down, I cut it into a small heart.
My notes are that the fatter crayons are easier to use. First they make bigger dots and second you don't feel the heat of the candle as easily.
Then we pulled out the paints. We made a TP roll into a heart shape and used it to paint. I saw this idea somewhere, but I can't find where I saw it now. Sorry!!
Hazel loved doing this. She had me cut the TP roll into smaller pieces so we would have one for each color. Then we moved onto making a snowman with a regular TP roll and some lids.
We added some glitter and I looked in our recycling bin for some other things we could use and we tried a water bottle.
Then I remembered a fun idea I saw on Family Fun. Painting with celery.

Ok, ours doesn't look as pretty as theirs, but Hazel was having a blast doing it.
As you can see the bunch of cut celery looks a bit like a flower or a bunch of flowers then you use one of the cut stalks to make leaves.

Then we decided to add a purple flower to the mix and by this time Hazel grew bored with our painting.
Now we are happy to get ready to go out and get our supplies for our valentines. I hope you have a great day!!

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  1. What a good mommy you are! I am lucky if I get that many different crafts done in a whole week :) Great job!!

  2. Oh wow what a crafty day! I love all everything.. Im going to have to try them all with my daughter! Thanks for the great ideas!

    Ps.. thank you for linking up to my Friday parrr-tay!

  3. So pretty - love the melted crayon idea, another to bookmark!

  4. I've always thought that the base of the celery stalk looked like a flower. What a great craft idea. Pinning this right now :)

  5. Lots of fun crafting going on at your home!! Love all the ideas, the celery painting looks really neat, very much like beautiful flowers, I will have to try that, the TP roll heart stamper also turned out nice. What fun Valentine crafting! :)

  6. Oh boy! You guys sure did have a fun morning! I love days like that! Thanks for sharing at shine on fridays!

  7. Wow- those are a lot of fantastic ideas!


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