Playing with Flowers

Well last Sunday, there were flowers left over from a funeral the previous day at church. I got to bring some home including a purple rose. Having been inspired by Happy Little Munchkins: Petal Play which was shared at Sharing Saturday #5. I decided to try it with our rose even though it wasn't white.

I put the rose petals in a bowl of water. I didn't have any rose water to add, but the scent of the petals was strong enough for us. Hazel played with the petals in the water, swirling them around and feeling them. Then we added drops of food coloring (this is Hazel's favorite part). We watched the food coloring swirl around on its own. It was pretty.
Hazel taking a picture since I was. This is her new kids' digital camera she got for Christmas!
Then we added even more food coloring this time purposely getting it on the petals. We were hoping for results like Happy Little Munchkins, but we did not have any luck. I guess we will have to wait until we have a white rose to try it again.
We just got dirty looking water around our rose petals. Oh, well. Our petals did not absorb the color at all. We were hoping for a result like this.
From Happy Little Munchkins: Petal Play
This week there were some white carnations and white snap dragons leftover from a funeral at church. So I brought them home to try coloring a different way. Yesterday when we got home from church we filled vases and jars with water and Hazel added food coloring to the water. I then cut the ends of the white flowers we brought home and stuck them in the different colored water. We made red, yellow, blue, green (directly from food coloring) and mixed purple and orange.
The start of our experiment
Then we just let them sit there. Last night when I got home from tutoring, I found they looked like this.
Blue Water
Red Water
Yellow water
Green Water

Purple Water
The snap dragons had not changed color at all, so I cut the stems much smaller and went to bed. We woke up to see this:
Our discoveries, the colors we mixed did not really give them much color and often just one of the two colors showed up (the purple looked blue and the orange looked yellow). The snap dragons took longer, but also needed to be cut much shorter than they were. We still have them in the water to see if more time will make a difference. However I moved the carnation that was in the purple water into the red water to see what will happen.

That is our flower experiments thus far. It feels good to be playing with nature again.

Have a great day!!


  1. My mom and I used to do this when a was a little girl! I always loved it so much but forgot about it way to long.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. That looks like a fun learning project. Please link this post (and any other arts, crafts and play posts) to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. The linky is open now.

    : 0 ) Theresa


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