Being Creative

Every once in awhile I feel the need to create. Does that ever happen to you? It happens when I have let life get in the way and I don't feel like I have had time to make something on my own or my own design. Tonight was one of those nights. As I was trying to create some order out of the chaos my craft area is right now, I came up with an idea this afternoon. And tonight I decided I wanted to take the time to do it.

Hazel has started asking us to tell her stories after we read some books to her. Sometimes I tell her a watered down version of a fairy tale and sometimes I make one up. The made up ones don't have to be anything to difficult or too long. In fact I like the made up ones since they are short. Lately I have been telling her one about a princess who lives in a pink castle surrounded by beautiful flowers and then there are dark woods. In the woods there are many creatures including unicorns. The story is about the first time the princess meets a unicorn. The princess always plays in the woods and brings food to feed all the animals. One day when she is playing hide and seek with a rabbit she ventures to a part of the woods she has never been and runs into a mother and baby unicorn by a small pond. She realizes she doesn't know the way home from where she is. She offers the unicorns some apples that she had in her pocket and the mother gives her a ride back to her castle. After that they play every day together.

So my creation (perhaps I've been inspired by April at April's Homemaking and her 52 Weeks of Fairy Tales and the craft to go with each one). I decided to needle felt a picture of the castle, gardens, woods and unicorns.
I needle felted it onto a piece of white wool felt just for stability. I also used a embroidery hoop for the frame and used it to size the picture.
So, what do you think?

Speaking of creativity, Sharing Saturday is still open through Wednesday and there are over 100 creative entries. Please go check them out!!

Hazel and I are off to visit my parents for a few days so my posts may be sporadic and without pictures. First we are stopping to visit my longest time friend since she brought her daughter (my goddaughter) to visit a nearby college.  We have been friends since we were 6-months-old!! It will be good to see her.


  1. Carrie I love your creation! What a special story, and a picture to now go with it :-) I've also started telling Master D stories and he really loves them (he's always enjoyed reading together but telling a story is extra special)!

    And have a wonderful time away. How lovely to have a friend from when you were 6 months old! Amazing :-)

  2. Hi Carrie, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your felted fairy tale. I'm teaching my first needle felting class on Thursday, here at my home studio. Thanks also for the invite for your blog party. I copied your button, so I will be ready next week. Cindy

  3. Love this Carrie...I love how it's so colorful :)


  4. That is so sweet. I love the finished piece. What a special memory to keep.

  5. I absolutely love the way your felted picture turned out, it is so pretty! What a nice sounding story, we love unicorns here. :) Thanks so much for the shout out as well :) When my kids were little we used to have so much fun making up stories for them, I bet Hazel loves it! Have a fun visit!

  6. I love this! I am going to have to learn how to do it.

  7. So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!


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